iPhone 3G to be announced on June 9th?

This article contains unofficial information.
iPhone 3G to be announced on June 9th?
Gizmodo claim that they have exclusive information from a person, who is “very, very close to the 3G iPhone launch”. It reveals that the phone will be introduced on the 9th of June (or after 19 days) at a WWDC Keynote, and it will launch worldwide shortly after.

This is very different than the first generation iPhone, which was exclusively available in the U.S. with AT&T, and months after that, it launched in the initial group of other countries to have it on their markets. Carriers which have already signed with Apple for the iPhone distribution, are in the U.S., UK, Europe (including Germany, France, Italy), Australia and a few countries in South America. The only huge market that is not covered is the Russian one.

According to the source, the launch will bring new sales policies, which will probably help for a low price even at the launch time.

source: Gizmodo



1. YAY unregistered

I am so excited... I can't wait to put away my $400 EDGE iPhone and rush to the store to buy the new better probably yet not fully loaded new 3G iPhone for probably another $300! I am so happy to let companies see my face of fanboy and just give them money! YAY! ... .... .... ehh. NOOOO! I will probably look into the new iPhone like 3 months after launch.... it will go down in price and have more "kits" as with the first one... Please Androids come out soooon!

17. unregistered

I'm looking forward to the android too! apple is overrated. They make nice products, but they have a tendency to treat everything else as junk. They'd be a bad monopolist with their extra high price tags for nearly everything they make! ($50 for a dongle that lets me to listen to radio on ipod? what a fair bargain!)

2. Jimmy unregistered

I really hope that the iPhone 2 isnt too cheap. If it comes in at $300 or less, everyone and their mother will have one, like the Razr. I hope Apple produces one reasonably priced model (8gb, 3g) and one higher end model closer to $500-600 (32gb, 3g, gps).

10. unregistered

Someone is a liiiiiittttlleee too bitsy witsy selfish.... isn't?

14. unregistered

I don't where you are, but out here in California, everyone and there moms DO have an iPhone. So annoying.

3. John Doe unregistered

I have some very exclusive information to share with you all. In the USA, IPhone 2 will be available at a subsidized price of $299 for the 16 GB model with a new 2 year contract. However, consumers will still have option of buying without a contract at an undisclosed price as of now. I hope that helps, lets just say I'm a regional manager somewhere in USA.

4. Jimmy unregistered

Judging by the $299 price, Im assuming 16gb will become the new base model. I'd imagine there would be a 32gb model as well for $399.

5. unregistered

hsdpa and 3g isnt big at all in russia, they had the ke990 viewty (no 3g, hspda) but not the ku990 and so on.

6. unregistered

yes new apple 3g ipod phone is the best out of all phones

7. Hlorri

Posts: 40; Member since: May 07, 2008

Still not there in terms of capabilities or openness. Showman Steve may be able to swoon the ignorant masses once more (L00K mama, cell phone, music player, FAST internet device, and now GPS device -- all in one!) However: * The Bluetooth stack is still a joke: No tethering of your internet connection with another device (DUN, PAN), no file transfer (OBEX, FTP), no stereo audio (A2DP, AVRCP), no external keyboard/mouse (HID, SPP), etc. See: . * No (approved) unlocking, even after your 2-year contract expires. In other words, if you take the phone abroad, you are still stuck with your own carrier's roaming charges (AT&T in the case of the US market). * Likely little or no camera upgrade - still no video recording. * No real 3rd party application support, not even J2ME. Yes, there is the SDK, but the only way you will be able to get even software that you write yourself onto your phone is to submit it through the iTunes store; Apple retains firm control (for instance, no 3rd party web browser like Opera Mini). This is actually a huge deal, because despite Steve's belief to the contrary, most innovations do not happen at Apple. On my Nokia N95, I run all sorts of amazing 3rd party stuff, such as an Internet Radio application that allows me to listen to live radio from my home country (I am a Norwegian expatriate in the USA), transmit that radio via A2DP to my car stereo, both Nokia Maps and 3rd party voice navigation software, Salling Clicker (to control a computer, e.g. for presentations), Fring (Skype/Google Talk/MSN/VoIP client), NokoMote (use the accelerometer to navigate menus, play games, etc. by tilting the phone), Location Tagger (to automatically embed current GPS coordinates in EXIF information of pictures taken by the phone's camera), HandySafe (to keep personal information such credit card numbers, passport numbers, SSNs, car info, insurance info etc stored in an encrypted and password-protected vault, with matching software for your desktop). All of this is not only not available, but also NOT POSSIBLE on the iPhone. * If you are a Mac user: The iPhone is actually LESS well integrated with Mac OS X than e.g. your typical Nokia phone; the latter comes with an iSync plugin to synchronize your contacts, calendars, todos; "Nokia Multimedia Transfer" to synchronize iTunes playlists and photos/movies with iPhoto, and of course, when you first pair the phone over Bluetooth, you have the option to "Access the internet through the phone's data plan" -- all of which are not there in the iPhone. That said, the iPhone clearly has the "eye candy" advantage (w/multitouch patent &all); and the fact that Steve does have better taste than most corporate zombies, and that Apple has by far the best industrial design around, and the fact that the iPhone has only gone through one release/generation as of yet, means that it has a very nice opportunity to really bring some serious competition and innovation in a couple of years. Just not yet.

8. masongped unregistered

Hey guys have some exclusve information for you about the iphone 2. My buddy works for ATAT and his manager had told him that he could no go on vacation from June 15th through the 20th. along with all of his co workers so either the IPHONE is going to launch then or something else is.

9. IamTheGodfather unregistered

with the release of the Blackberry Thunder and Google Android, who will care that the I Phone has finally gotten faster when VZW is taking everyone over there. I know I would drop ATT and switch to VZW in a heartbeat for better call quality and cheaper bills, but getting a touchscreen Blackberry will RUIN ATT.

11. unregistered

Agree. Totally.

18. unregistered

verizon does not have cheaper bills. The blackberry touch screen will never ruin att or the iphone.

12. unregistered

you guys are morons! apple has officially announced that the only thing iPhone related to be released is the iPhone 2.0 SDK which is software...not hardware. Don't believe everything that these 13 year old teeny boppers blog all over the internet...plus steve jobs has already said that even though he is interested in announcing a 3g iPhone...the 3g availability in the U.S. is not only limited, but also "in the development" stages. 3g takes too much battery life and the chip is too bulky to as of this moment fit in iphone...have you seen how thick 3g phones are?? blackjack ii is the thinnest! think hard before you post stupid assumptions.

19. unregistered

did you ever see the razr v9 or v3xxor the sync its 3g.. maybe you should think abit harder before you post something like that!!! and iphone is coming in 3g!!!

13. O2 Person unregistered

Urrrm in a way I can see what you are saying mr anonymous, but when you start saying "have you seen how thick 3g phones are?? blackjack ii is the thinnest! think hard before you post stupid assumptions" it makes me think again. I can name MANY phones that are really thin and offer both 3G and HSDPA. To name but a few (which are thinner than the Iphone) , w890, w880, 6500 classic, w910, Soul, and these are but a few. I agree with the battery life being affected but even the two sony phones, w890 and w880, both of these are exetremely thin, offer 3G (w890 + w880) and HSDPA (W890) , they have great battery life compared to most other phones. It is possible but whether we will see one next month I really do not know.

15. masongped unregistered

yeah i agree mr anonymous you are a retard you **************." You know how big the 3G chip is" your talking about apple here who developed the worlds thinnest laptop. Wow your a douche and i cant believe you doubt apple. Im gonna get the new Iphone when it comes out later peoples.

16. anon unregistered

apple has no clue on to how to build a cellphone..lg does. AT&T sucks too, why would u stick with AT&T if you can have verizon? What will be faster HSDPA or EVDO? ive heard HSDPA is.

20. unregistered

what your stupid. apple does know how to build a cell phone they build a iphone and its great better than what lg will ever come up with!!!

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