iPad's App Store now supports filtering

iPad's App Store now supports filtering

If you have ever delved into the depthsof the App Store looking for an app for a particular task, you mighthave spent hours looking through different apps before you find theright one. Apple heard your woes and without much noise addedfiltering to the iPad's App Store making thosesearches quicker and more precise saving precious time.

With the new option, your searchescould be additionally filtered by means of category, releasedate, customer rating, price and device. Thefilters function as drop-down menus and can be combined for betterresults or reset altogether with a single tap.

The update doesn't end on the filtering– iPad's App Store changes the button on previously downloaded andremoved apps to “Install” instead of the previous “Buy.”Getting previously bought apps was always free on the App Store, butnow with the change in the name of the button, it relieves some ofthe stress of thinking you might end up paying twice for an app.

So far, the new features are presentonly on the iPad, but judging from the device filter, they areexpected to come on other devices as well. As this is a change in theApp Store, you won't need to update anything on your device, justwait for the filters to show up.

source: SlashGear

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