iPad mini shows up in Taiwan, could it be real?

iPad mini shows up in Taiwan, could it be real?
Taiwanese celebrity and racer Jimmy Lin posted an interesting picture of him holding both an iPad and what seems to be a mini version of Apple's tablet, but just how real is it? Judging from the blurry close-up we could get of the iPad mini, as we will call it, it seems to be running an OS closely resemblant to iOS, but it could well be one of the many clones flooding the Asian market.

Jimmy Lin bragged with his “new toy mini iPad” on Chinese microblogging service Sina and you can see the picture of him holding the intriguing device below. The blogging website Sina, where the image appeared, is getting widely popular in Asia and has been getting a lot of attention as Facebook's own Zuckerberg visited the blog yesterday on his trip. It could well turn out to be the next leakster's heaven as many manufacturers are based in Asia. In any case, we will keep you posted if more pictures of the iPad mini appear.

In the meantime, cast your opinions on this in the comments – could the iPad mini be real or is it just a fake clone?

source: Akihabara via Electronista

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