Google's foldable Pixel gets benchmarked with Tensor 2 processor specs

Google's foldable Pixel gets benchmarked with a Tensor 2 processor specs
The Google Pixel Fold announcement and release date are fast approaching, it seems, as a new Google phone codenamed Felix has appeared at Geekbench, and that internal title often being associated with Google's upcoming handset with foldable display made by Samsung.

The benchmark listing, spotted by MySmartPrice, includes a test on the new Google Pixel Tensor G2 processor with Mali-G710 GPU, with 1047 points score in the single-core and 3257 in the multi-core benchmarks. While the scores themselves aren't very impressive, they rarely are on an engineering prototype, plus Google's Tensor line is not one known for high clock speeds or ultrafast performance, but rather AI and image processing optimizations.

That's not the first time we are hearing that the Pixel Fold will be powered by a Tensor processor, too, so where there is smoke, there might be fire as well. Previously, when Google's foldable phone was just a twinkle in the engineering team's eyes, it used to be codenamed Passport (because it folds, obviously), and at the time was scheduled to come with a modem referenced as "g5123b."

While that is an off-the-shelf Samsung Exynos 5G modem made on the 7nm process that is present in the Pixel 6 series, the Pixel Fold got delayed by a year or so and with the Tensor G2 processor came a brand new custom Samsung Exynos 5300 5G modem, so that's what will most likely be in the Pixel Fold as well.

While this mean that the Google Pixel Fold will have quite a lot of Samsung-made components, starting with the displays and finishing with the chipset, the big question about the camera department remains. 

Google Pixel phones pride themselves in taking one of the best pictures around, even with middling camera hardware that makers of foldable phones often install on their handsets due to the lack of space in the thin phone halves when unfurled. That remains the big mystery, even though sources tip that the Pixel 7 Pro camera strip kit may make its way over to the Fold as well, as you can see on Front Page Tech's renders above. 

That won't be unprecedented, as Huawei has had a Mate X2 foldable phone with periscope zoom camera for a while now, plus Google's foldable zoom optics don't go to 10x magnification as Samsung's do, so it may just find a space to fit everything in when time comes to unleash its first foldable phone around the I/O event next year.

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