Google says it won't seize your Pixel phone if unapproved parts are found in it

Google says it won't seize your Pixel phone if unapproved parts are found in it
Google is in reverse gear: after stating that Pixel phones with unapproved parts in them are to be confiscated, now the search engine giant says they won't seize Pixel phones.

I can almost see Google's face (if the behemoth company had one) as it says: "I'll allow it!"

What's the story

Thankfully, Google has revised its service policy following concerns about its repair practices, particularly regarding non-OEM parts. The company has assured Android Central that it will not retain phones sent in for repair due to the presence of non-OEM components:

Google spokesperson for Android Central, June 5, 2024

This policy update follows a recent discovery by YouTuber Louis Rossmann which highlighted a controversial aspect of Google's previous repair policy. Since July 19 of last year, Google's policy allowed the company to retain Pixel devices sent in for repair if unauthorized components were found.

The specific clause stated: "You will not send in a Device containing non-Google-authorized parts – if You do, Your Device will not be returned to you".

This raised significant concerns about consumer choice and repairability.

Google's policy on non-authorized components created a clash between consumers' right to repair their devices and the company's control over the repair process. Individuals using aftermarket parts for Pixel repairs faced the risk of having their devices retained by Google if sent in for subsequent repairs.

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The recent revelation about Google's repair practices echoes a similar controversy involving Samsung. Leaked Samsung service contracts revealed that repair technicians were required to dismantle and report devices with non-OEM parts.

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