Finding games to play on your Wear OS smartwatch just became easier

Finding games to play on your Wear OS smartwatch just became easier
Many people play games on their smartphones when they have some time to kill. For example, while waiting for their doctor's appointment or commuting to work. But it appears that you might soon start seeing more and more people playing games on their smartwatches instead of their smartphones.

As 9to5Google first reported, Google has made finding games for Wear OS smartwatches easier. If you now go to the Other devices tab in the gaming section of the Google Play Store, you will find a new category called Watch.

This category contains quite a few games specifically made for Wear OS-powered smartwatches. And to make it even easier for you to find a nice game to play, Google has divided the games into two sections: "Relax with games for your watch" and "Challenging games on the go."

In the first section, you will find mostly simple puzzle games that will help you "forget the time." There is even a sort of racing game where you can drive a car around a racetrack trying to make the fastest lap possible.

In the second section, you will find slightly more complicated games. There are even a few RPGs there. For example, you can play Wearamon, which is a hybrid between a pet sim game and an RPG. You will need to take care of your Wearamons, which means you will need to feed, pet, and clean them.

You can also play Lifeline, which is a text-based adventure game where you help the main character, Taylor, survive on an unknown moon following the crash of their spaceship. The game has many possible outcomes, which means the ending depends solely on you.

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