Users can disable Night mode feature with iOS 15

Users can disable Night mode feature with iOS 15
Apple is just weeks away from releasing iOS 15 and one of the new features will allow a user to turn Night mode off. If you're not familiar with Night mode, it allows iPhone users to snap viewable photos even under low-light conditions. This feature is available with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 lines and automatically turns Night mode on in low-light environments.

You can tell that Night mode is on when the icon at the top of the screen is yellow. When a photo is snapped with Night mode enabled, a number next to the icon will tell you how long the exposure will take. Tapping the icon allows you to control the time of a Night mode exposure using a slider. Depending on how dark it is outside when taking the photo, the Night mode photo might be quick or it might take several seconds.

With the iPhone 12 series, Night mode selfies are supported as are Night mode portraits. Because it allows you to take photos under low-light conditions, no one would want to turn off Night mode under normal circumstances. Still, some people just might want to have the ability to turn off Night mode and this is happening in iOS 15 according to 9to5Mac. With iOS 15 installed, go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and you'll find a new toggle for Night mode.

When that Night mode toggle is turned on, the iPhone will know to keep Night mode turned off if you've disabled it for a shot. If you need Night mode, you can still manually enable it in the camera app allowing you to decide whether to use it. Personally, having Night mode turn on automatically is a time saver. Allowing you to opt out of Night mode is also a time saver, but only if you're not in a low-light environment.

Remember, this new feature is coming in iOS 15 which will be heading your way very soon.
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