Want to work for Apple? Tim Cook gives you some inside tips

Want to work for Apple? Tim Cook gives you some inside tips
Did you ever dream about working for Apple and playing an important role in the creation, design, manufacturing, or promotion of the next big Apple product? During a podcast hosted by pop star Dua Lipa (via BusinessInsider), Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed what it takes to get hired by Apple. The company, Cook noted, will hire people without college degrees and will find jobs for those who do not know coding. "We hire people from all walks of life," said Cook

Apple wants employees who add value. As Cook said, "I think one of the characteristics that I look for in people is collaboration. "Can they really collaborate? Do they deeply believe that one plus one equals three?" Apple's chief executive explains further. "It's an incredible feeling to work with people that bring out the best in you, and fundamentally, we all believe that one plus one equals three. Your idea plus my idea is better than the individual ideas on their own."

Cook says that Apple is looking for people who are curious, creative, and work well in a team. The ideal candidate should also be willing to ask questions and not hold back from asking them. They should be curious about how things work and how people think. Some might believe that there is no place inside Apple for them if they haven't a clue when it comes to coding. But Cook made it clear that Apple does hire individuals who don't know how to code.

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Still, Cook believes that everyone should learn how to code "because I think it's a form of expressing yourself and it's a global language and the only global language we all share is coding and so I recommend it."

If you are interested in a job at Apple, go to www.apple.com/careers/us/ or click on this link. And remember, when asked, it might help to remember that one plus one equals three unless you're looking for a job in the accounting department.

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