Your Apple Car might be made in the same factory аs your iPhone (not so soon though)

Your Apple Car might be made in the same factory аs your iPhone (not so soon though)
Stop what you are doing! Take a look at your Apple products. Wait, you don’t have any?

No, seriously. Take a look at them. You’ll notice they are relatively small. In fact, the most ‘in your face’ Apple product is arguably a pair of AirPods, which literally hang on your face.

However, what if your car was made by Apple? Imagine: a big fruit logo spreads across all sides of your car like a supermarket delivery truck. We are sure, Apple’s design team is much more creative than us, so we’ll leave this to them.

Meanwhile, negotiations between reputable car manufacturers and Apple are more ‘on’ than ever. As reported by Bloomberg, Tim Cook and company have been in talks with automakers such as Hyundai, Kia, and even Ferrari. More recently, Nissan had to deny they have been working on a car with Apple. The truth of the matter is - Apple isn’t anywhere near getting into production stage when it comes to vehicles, unless we count the $700 Mac Pro wheels, which cost more than some used cars. Although, probably neither will take you that far anyway.

Apple has a very robust business model, which allows them to outsource manufacturing of their products to places like China and India, which helps them avoid costly constructions of factories, especially on foreign land. We don’t blame them. If the facilities are already there, why not make use of them...

So, it’s not a surprise that Apple will probably attempt to outsource production for the Apple Car too. Foxconn, one of their main manufacturing buddies, looks like the most likely partner at this moment. Furthermore, the company from Taiwan has already helped electric car companies like Byron and Fisker, meaning the infrastructure should already be there. Foxconn and Apple’s relationship hasn’t always been perfect though. Reports, surfaced last year, said that the manufacturer was being dishonest when asking for a certain amount of employees to work on the iPad Pro production line, while in reality downsizing the team, presumably to increase profits.

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If this plan fails too, Apple isn’t left with too many options. A partnership with Tesla looks unrealistic. Not to mention, Elon Musk might have migrated to Mars by the time Apple is ready to start seriously working on a car.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess made it clear that he doesn’t fear Apple’s new venture, while BMW’s CFO he ‘sleeps peacefully’. They won’t be so funny if we take away their iPhones and have them put the phones together in a car factory, will they! (ok, we might have gone too far here…)

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