ZTE ZMAX returns to T-Mobile with warning to buyers not to hack the battery


Earlier this month, we told you that T-Mobile had pulled the ZTE ZMAX from the carrier's retail stores, including its MetroPCS pre-paid division. It had nothing to do with poor sales, as some had thought. Apparently, some of T-Mobile's customers were taking advantage of the easy to remove "non-removable" battery cover on the handset, and were trying to remove the cell.

A T-Mobile internal memo, which was disseminated today, confirms that a small number of ZMAX owners were trying to remove the 3400mAh battery from the handset. Because this action could have led to injuries, the carrier pulled the phone from its lineup. There was some thought that those trying to pull out the non-removable cell were used to conducting a battery pull on other models whenever they needed to reset their phone.

T-Mobile reminded employees that the phone can now be sold and that sales and promotional materials related to the handset can now be returned to their prior locations. The  mobile operator is making one change. Now, when a ZTE ZMAX is sold, T-Mobile reps will inform buyers of the handset that neither the back nor battery is removable and attempts to remove either or both can result in an injury and the voiding of the phone's warranty.

source: TmoNews

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