Your BlackBerry can turn you into someone who overworks on regular basis

Your BlackBerry can turn you into someone who overworks on regular basis
One of the things that we love about cell phones is the opportunity to check on emails right away. While we typically write our reviews using the latest business handsets while idling away under the shade of a palm tree, chain-guzzling tequila shots at fancy swim-up bars, it seems the very same devices suck the life out of normal business users. Or that´s what a recent survey among 600 British white-collar workers implies. It reveals that people using BlackBerry handsets, or any other with similar functionality for that matter, tend to work from home on regular basis with replying to urgent emails while not at work accounting for an average of 15hrs of extra work per week. On the one hand this is a good thing, because it helps people prepare for work by reading their emails before they make it to the office, plus they can reply to correspondence when they need to be out of office as well. On the other hand, the practice means people tend to cut down on their own rest and this is not good, since tired people are less effective than someone who went for a proper respite from toil rather than spending the night typing away on a cell phone.

In other words moderation rules, so try not to go to extremes. Now, if you would excuse us, it´s time for another cocktail, meaning duty calls.


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