Your Android suffers from poor battery life? 3rd party apps are to blame!

Your Android suffers from poor battery life? 3rd party apps are to blame!
One of the interesting questions that have been discussed at the annual Google Zeitgeist event this week was about Android's frequently observed poor battery life. Google co-founder Larry Page has obviously stated that the power management of the core operating system is in fact very good, and if a customer is unable to get a full day of use out of their Android handset, then there's something else that has a negative effect on the performance of the phone.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt himself has taken the liberty to suggest that some of the 3rd party applications that hit the Android Market are not really into the right management of resources, thus requiring more power from your Android smartphone than they need. So, there you have it - if you've been experiencing suspiciously poor battery life with your Android phone, now you know what the reason might be. Not that the Google officials have proposed a solution to the issue, but Larry Page has jokingly stated that you might get "a bigger battery". Alright people, you heard the man - go get a bigger battery!

Are you experiencing poor battery life with your Android handset? Let the world know through the comments below!

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1. alc

Posts: 17; Member since: May 19, 2010

there may be something to that since so many applications run in the background. a lot of the forums suggest downloading one of the many task killers, and i've seen an overall improvement - nothing game changing, but at least i can make it through the day now.

3. tokuzumi

Posts: 1961; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

You should not use a task killer. It will only make your phone run worse. If you want a really easy way to save battery life, shut off the mobile network. Your battery will last forever. But, since that really isn't practical, check the programs that check for data updates. I have used RSS Feeders, google voice, Google News/Weather, HTC weather widgets, Facebook, etc, and if you set them to half-hour, or hour update intervals, that will help some. Check screen brightness, turn off haptic feedback, etc. If you are rooted, you can download SetCPU (free if you are a member of XDA, $1.99 from the market), and set profiles to have the CPU run at a very low speed when the phone is sleeping, or when it gets below a certain level. There was even a video on about a very good battery program, that would adjust screen brightness, shut off data if the battery got too low, and even adjust processor speed. It was demoed using a Nexus One, but you may be able to use it on any 2.1 device.

2. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Now I know that Apple is the company to hate right now...but I pray that their answer to Multitasking really works for battery life and performance. I don't know if they hold any patents on their style of multitasking, but it could help a lot of other different operating systems that absolutely drain the battery entirely too quickly. I guess we shall see...

4. ILOVEIPHONE25 unregistered

I just hope that it is real multi-tasking

5. spoonb1

Posts: 77; Member since: Jan 02, 2010

Ha ha ha.... apple battery life sucks just as bad... i compare my n1 to all of my coworkers iphones and if all of us use 3g and using the same email and text , few min talking etc... all batteries need to be recharged thru the day... when i use my task killer and apn settings, etc., i can go a couple of days...same for iphone.. multitasking for iphone is just going to upset folks with iphone because their batteries will suck even worse... on the level of some android phones that already do multitasking. .. lets face it, if you multitask and actually use your phone for what it can do you are going to get crap battery times lol

7. jtucker1987

Posts: 89; Member since: May 06, 2010

From my own experience, the droid had the best battery life and the iPhone is ok. I've been able to use my iphone all day without charging depending on how much I use it. The multitasking on the iPhone will not be the same as it is on android. Instead, developers can take advantage of I think 7 different API's for running background applications. Like for example, pandora can take advantage of an API that let's the music stream in the background. This was demonstrated when OS 4.0 was announced. Honestly I think this is a good idea because it helps keep system stability and saves battery life rather than what android does. That's my own opinion though. Plus the new iPhone is coming with a bigger battery anyway. All batteries are bad anyways. Lithium ion was good for a while but as things have been progressing we constantly need bigger batteries to keep up with the demand. This is why there are initiatives, like the one bill gates presented, to make a different type of battery to store our energy needs. I was reading recently about this guy who is experimenting with a new type of nickel complex, not nickel cadmium, which stored energy better than lithium ion but of course it's more expensive to produce :/. There's gotta be a cheap transition metal complex that can be used which we haven't discovered yet. Lithium in itself is not stable and reacts with air readily. That's why you hear about batteries exploding because they possibly were exposed to air or heated which caused a reaction.

6. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

it isn't rocket science If you run apps that require more tasks or functions of the phone to be used, it will drain your battery I had installed ATK (Advanced task killer) as I thought that was logical and seemed mandatory for ending tasks easily. I noticed it automatically stared many processes itself and in turn (bringing the 1 Ghz pro to 80-100% use, I needed to shut them down. Very quirky. Now that I took it off the phone with a few other odd apps, my battery runs much longer and the phone is much smoother in its interfacing. when you down load an app, look to see what it has access to and what processes it will use. the more it uses, obviously the faster the juice will drop on your power supply. AND be very weary of anything that will "restarts applications" on its own. that would be listed in system tools of the download screen i believe. why a calculator should be able to restart system tools or have access to mms is beyond me. or why a clock should have full access to the internet and alter my contacts is a bit bizarre and tend to be products i wont download, I understand apps do need to acess things, but they must be logical. Just be smart about what you are downloading. and for anyone who claims to have short battery life - if i check your phone and see it loaded with things that run 20 processes at a time - you will be smacked upside the head. Don't whine about your own idiocy

8. dyster

Posts: 63; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

+1 "if i check your phone and see it loaded with things that run 20 processes at a time - you will be smacked upside the head. Don't whine about your own idiocy" I'm glad you said that b/c I was going to. That's the war cry of the clueless!

9. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

I'm a Tmo rep and when someone brings in their Android phone with like 50 soundboard, lightsaber, and shotgun apps and complain about why their phone is running slow makes me wanna smack someone. "I'm going to do a master reset on your phone to make it brand new and fast again. When you relogin with your Gmail you will get all your contacts back. Plus your pictures will be saved to your memory card, you just need to download the apps that you need again." "But I use all those apps!" ***SMACK

10. cellgeek82

Posts: 518; Member since: Dec 20, 2009

Get a bigger battery? ok, sounds good. Now where is this so called bigger battery? I don't see a way to buy one other than another standard battery.

11. trentsinmypants

Posts: 324; Member since: Jan 29, 2009

download JuiceDefender.....massively improved my battery life when I had my incredible......

12. Nagol unregistered

How about just admit that Android is a flashy OS with a terrible killing battery life spree?? Listen Android is a sexy attractive OS, but it's not reliable at all. It's easy to kill you batter because of the processor being so hard on it, the OS itself drags the battery down.

13. Tutungzone unregistered

Ok... though I use, and agree with many of the comments, I tend to disagree as well. I think Android OS is stellar at power savings, even with 3rd party apps installed. The trick is to know what is installed, and scrolling widgets left to a minimum. I think the biggest killer of the battery on these phones is the carriers attempts to modify the Android OS to benefit the carrier. I have been using Android since .89 on older WinMo phones Beta testing, and power always was an issue back then. Since 1.1 Android has gotten better with power management and power management options. If you have a Vanilla install of Android, you will have undoubtedly better power savings... just because the carrier junk is not installed. Vanilla 2.2 smokes 2.1 in power and performance... so every revision is getting better at handling the user needs and wants which is pretty amazing to me. Think about it... the OS cannot cover every open-source app on the market, it is left up to the App Devs to create decent apps that utilize the power savings already offered from the OS. There are many good quality apps out there, you just have to research and find the ones that work best for you. Reduce your desktop count is you can (Vanilla has 3 screens... Sense and others offer up to 7) The less desktop screens the less you will have running all the time in the background. You have to think of app memory usage as encapsulated... basically VM's running on your phone... if well written they will sleep, or shut completely down after time of no use. If you can understand that more memory usage and power applications that talk to the web often use more battery, you can understand haw to make it better. I get a day and a half full use out of my Hero running 2.2 Vanilla, with full exchange, google, facebook, weather syncs. Bottom line... it is the users discretion (with the exception of carrier junk apps) which will cause differentiating results across the board. This is where an open platform, and a closed platform like Apple will be really different. Think about it... Apple didn't even let you run background apps (multi-tasking) until this year... for this reason, and still it is a process that has to be approved by Apple before made available on the phone to assure the App conforms to the OS. Android does not have this closed architecture, which makes it a little more difficult to standardize... but at the same time, Devs can create awesome Apps that can do whatever you like... and even have the ability to change the OS to tweak and make it better depending on what you use the phone for. That is where Android really stands out. I have been on the band wagon a long time now, and continue with nightly Android releases... as I love the new technology and helping beta for the next gen.

14. google in black! unregistered

hmm, interesting article! another good to do, especially on AMOLED android phones, is to use black google mobile at where you can save battery power. it works excellent on my phone and even loads really fast.

15. Black Google unregistered

Black Google is at AMOLED screens are a very low percentage of screens. A Black Google such as Backl uses renewable energy and small data transfers to save energy. For now this are the technologies that seem to make the bigger difference. Black Google just for the screen savings at the moment don't make much sense.

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