Watch as a young kid performs a durability test on a cardboard Pixel he created


You don't wake up one morning totally obsessed with mobile devices to the point that you want to write or talk about them for a living. Nope. It takes years of training and if you're lucky, you will be accepted into a top school like Harvard where you will take classes like Introduction to Notches and learn about the Great War between iOS and Android. Along the way, you'll be taught about all Antennagate, Bendgate, and Batterygate. If you're an exceptional student, you might even get to learn about nearly extinct phone manufacturers that used to roam the planet like Palm, BlackBerry, and HTC.

And that brings us to a young YouTube content creator with the handle of Little Tesla (real name is Jamie). Spotted by Android Police, this young man created a video showing his durability test on the OG Google Pixel. Well, it's not a real Pixel, but one that Jamie created out of cardboard. The kid performs various tests right out of a JerryRigEverything video as he tries to scratch, burn and bend the, uh, device. He even points out that his cardboard Pixel still has a headphone jack (although it looks suspiciously like a punch-hole).

In a second video, Jamie performs a battery replacement. A delicate and highly technical operation is conducted to make sure that the new battery fits the cardboard unit. Check out both videos. Even if you're having a bad day they will put a smile on your face.

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