You can now send stickers as well as your location in Google Messenger v1.4

Google Messenger, the newest messaging app that Mountain View released in late 2014, has just been update to version 1.4, which comes with a moderately compelling changelog. The Android app has scored a handful of new features that are surely a most welcome addition to Messenger.

The app now comes with stickers - regardless whether you use them or not, it can't be denied that their popularity has soared for the past year or so and they're now almost integral part of most people's day-to-day messaging endeavors. Static and animated tickers can be downloaded and added from within the Attach menu; there are currently three packs available.

You can also share your location with Google Messenger now. A new feature inside the same Attach menu allows you to share your current whereabouts with the party you're chatting with. The other party will receive both a miniature map image and a direct link to Google Maps, allowing them to view your current location in the dedicated mapping app.

Lastly, fast-scrolling has been added to Google Messenger: thanks to this feature, you can get to the beginning of a particularly long chat conversation in a jiffy by using a new scroll bar.

Provided that the update for Google Messenger has not hit you yet, you can sideload the newest version from the source link.

source: APKMirror via AndroidPolice 

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