Xensation Cover is the Germans' alternative to Gorilla Glass, claims it is tougher

Xensation Cover is the Germans' alternative to Gorilla Glass, claims to be tougher
Gorilla Glass is the first brand name that comes to mind when scratch resistant gadget displays are concerned, but Corning is not the only maker of such products. In fact, this German company called SCHOTT believes that its newly announced product outperforms the competition's offerings. The Germans have unveiled Xensation, which they claim to be "the strongest cover glass available on the market today." And yes, as you might expect, the glass is meant to protect displays of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Xensation Cover glass is made using alumino-silicate, which is where its properties come from. It is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, while still being capable of bending, so protecting curved glass displays should not be much of a problem. And for gadgets that must excel when it comes to outdoor visibility, SCHOTT has developed an anti-glare variant of the material called Xensation AG Cover.

We are not quite sure whether any manufacturers have expressed interest in Xensation so far, but it is likely to see commercial products protected by it launching in Q3 of this year. Until then, enjoy the short promotional video embedded below.

source: SCHOTT via Engadget

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