Would you like to see a dual camera system on the next Google Pixel phone?

Would you like to see a dual camera system on the next Google Pixel phone?
Dual cams seem to be turning into a fad as of late, though, manufacturers still can't come to an agreement on how they should be utilized. Some stick a wide-angle lens for the secondary camera, some have a telephoto lens for optical zoom-in, and others don't have a particularly special lens over the second camera, but its sensor is used purely for “assistive” purposes, collecting information on objects, distance and so on.

With a lot of manufacturers looking at the tech, Samsung is rumored to feature a dual cam on its Note 8 and we got to thinking — what if the One True Android Phone, *ahem*, the Pixel features one, too? Now, don't get this poll the wrong way, we haven't heard a rumor or leak that points towards this possibility. We just got to wondering...

Would you like to see a dual camera on the next Pixel phone?

No, enough with the shenanigans.
Yes, a telephoto lens, please!
Yes, a wide-angle lens would be perfect!
Yes, an assistive lens (a-la Huawei P10) would be great!


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