Women cite smartphones to be the cause for poor love lives?

Women cite smartphones to be the cause for poor love lives?
If there is something that can cause a rift in a relationship, one wouldn't have to look far as it can be clearly found in the connected smartphones that somehow are tethered like a leash on some people. Now it's not to say that they are all evil things that can ruin relationships, but a new research conducted by pharmaceutical firm Bayer finds that 28 percent of women blame connected devices, like smartphones, are ruining their love lives. For some, there is this unwavering aura around smartphones that makes some people want to be around its cool embrace even though it could potential lessen one's love life. Just think about it for a second, how would you feel if you constantly find your significant other right before bed still glued intently on their smartphone's screen? And to make things worse, they are sometimes too busy to take notice of anything else around them. As we continue to see devices become integrated in certain aspects of our daily lives, sometimes we have to just sit back and disconnect to get ourselves in sync with our surroundings – and our significant others as well.

source: The Telegraph via Textually

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