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Windows Phone is now selling five times better than last Christmas

Windows Phone is now selling five times better than last Christmas
Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at Qualcomm’s keynote at the CES 2013 and he had a brief but as always interesting appearance. The most interesting part seems to be something he said about Windows Phone sales.

This Christmas the platform that wants to take the third place after Android and iOS sold five times better than last Christmas.

“Windows Phone was selling five times more devices than the same period last year,” Ballmer said.

Now that’s a way to go around the actual number and Microsoft seems to be getting as good as Amazon in hiding those numbers. But just how much is that? In reality, it’s probably not all that much, even though it sounds impressive, but given Windows Phone’s modest sales so far we’d guess a couple of million handsets.

We’d finally have more clarity when Nokia releases its quarterly financial in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

source: The Verge


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