Windows Blue could optimize for 7 and 8" tablets

Windows Blue could optimize for 7 and 8" tablets
We heard about Windows Blue last week, and while the info was sparse, some of it sounded pretty solid. We like the idea of a yearly update cycle for Windows, much like what we see in mobile, and with MacOS and many Linux distros. We like the idea that it could initially be free, and more solidly unify mobile and desktops. And now, there is a rumor that the update could help add support for 7 and 8" tablets, which are sorely lacking in the Windows ecosystem.

Windows 8 and Windows RT has done well to add plenty of 10"+ tablets, hybrids, and transformers to the mobile landscape, but not everyone wants a mobile device that big. As Google, and Amazon have proven, there is a large market for tablets around the 7" and $200 marks. We heard about Blue via The Verge, and this new info comes from the same source, although what's odd is that the statement was something of a throwaway, with no credit given. 

In the original piece about Windows Blue, there was no mention of optimization for smaller tablets, but that info was dropped into an editorial about the Windows brand name. It's an odd way to present the info, but The Verge tends to have good sources. And, we'd like to see Windows on 7" tablets, if for no other reason than to add more competition to the market. 

source: The Verge

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