Will Verizon offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 1st?

Will Verizon offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 1st?
T-Mobile and Sprint are rumored to be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 with a two-year contract. Sprint is said to be offering the device at $599 without, while T-Mobile is slightly more expensive at $649.

With the rumor mill spinning rapidly on this highly anticipated Android-powered tablet for many networks, it was only a matter of time until Verizon joined the fray. The rumor is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be offered by big red starting on November 1st. No pricing has been leaked in regards to this device, however.

The pricing for Sprint and T-Mobile is all unofficial, as is this Verizon release date. With that in mind, is it fair to assume that Verizon will follow suit of the other networks rumored pricing and offer it for $399 with a two-year commitment as well? Leave us your opinions in the comments below. 

source: Droid Life via Androinica

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Galaxy Tab
  • Display 7.0 inches
    600 x 1024 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP (Single camera)
    1.3 MP front
  • Hardware , 0.5GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 4000 mAh
  • OS Android 2.3.3



9. Just Thinking unregistered

If the Tablet only comes with Wi-fi what would you be using under a contract? There is no slot for sim so how would you be paying for internet service outside of being near a wi-fi spot???????

6. jimmy pop unregistered

can you please stop reffering to verizon as big red...it is very annoying

7. ecml

Posts: 129; Member since: Mar 23, 2010

how is it annoying? Just two words.

8. XxVerbalxX unregistered

He was sodimized by a cinnamon stick as a child thats how.

5. NexusKoolaid unregistered

Yeah, $600-$650 is fail, and I'm NOT signing a 2nd contract to get it at $400. I'll wait for a price drop or the WiFi-only version.

3. etownone

Posts: 40; Member since: Jul 25, 2010

Too much. I'll pass.

4. Jeradiah3

Posts: 1149; Member since: Feb 11, 2010

i agree. the iPad doesnt come with a contract so why should the galaxy tablet carry one?? if it made phone calls, im in on it, but i'll pass on this and go for either the dell streak or the new HTC Surround when it comes out

2. Bankai unregistered

I think it should be $299 after mail in rebate 2 yr contract is reasonable. People are just going to end up buying smart phones instead of having another luxury item having to be paying a monthly service. Home Internet smartphone Internet and this item. All this radiation of all these devices is going to cause people to probably have radiation cancer or something.

1. iheartblueberry

Posts: 78; Member since: Apr 26, 2010


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