Why use words when an animated GIF will do? PopKey for iOS 8 is coming

Why use words when an animated GIF will do? PopKey for iOS 8 is coming
The September 17th release date of iOS 8 brings with it something that iOS users have wanted for years, the ability to use a third party QWERTY keyboard. This has led big name players in the space, like SwiftKey, to already announce a September 17th launch date for its highly regarded offering. It also has led to a smattering of third party keyboards from new names, some with different features.

Take PopKey for example. Instead of responding to a message with just words, you can respond with an animated GIF. Instead of just sending "LOL" as a response, you can send back a GIF showing someone actually laughing out loud. Not only can you select from thousands of preloaded options, you can also upload your own customized GIFs as well.

No word yet on how much the app will cost, or when it will be available. In the meantime, you can visit the website by clicking on the sourcelink. While there, you can register for an email notification to be sent to you when PopKey is ready to launch. There is no word on whether we will see an Android or Windows Phone version of the app.

source: PopKey via RedmondPie


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