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Need a VPN? Get 27 months of secure browsing for just $2.21 a month!

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Why use a VPN?
Advertorial by Surfshark: the opinions expressed in this story may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena! 

As the Internet is becoming increasingly… segregated, services like VPNs are constantly gaining popularity. A VP-what? A VPN — a Virtual Private Network — is a service that can provide you with access to things that are blocked for your location or to add extra security to your online activities.

But why do you need a VPN?

Quite simply, a VPN allows you to route all your traffic through a server that is in another country — or even at the other end of the world. A service like Surfshark even encrypts your data to improve the protection of your sensitive information.

So, whenever you access anything on the Web, your IP address can’t be traced — your device’s requests will instead go through the IP of a virtual machine a couple of states over. In fact, Surfshark even offers MultiHop — a feature, which allows you to jump through two different servers, making it pretty much impossible to trace your original location.

So what?

Well, here are a few benefits you might wish to consider:

  • Traveler’s peace of mind. Whenever you are abroad, public Wi-Fi is super convenient. But it can also be super shady, since it’s accessible to everyone around you. With Surfshark’s encryption, your data stays safe from prying eyes. You can even activate a Kill Switch — if the VPN server goes dark, your device won’t send any data through the now unsecured network.

  • Geo-locked streaming services. It’s an annoyance that some Netflix shows are geo-locked for whatever corporate reason there is. Want to stream the first 5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Log in to your VPN and go through a European server. Noice, toit!

  • Access geo-restricted websites. If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that the Internet is not as free in some countries as it is in others. A VPN will allow you to stay connected to your favorite web places to frequent. Just make sure you download and set up your VPN app before the trip, as some countries block VPN software downloads.

  • Leverage price discrimination. Some businesses have different pricing policies for different areas.

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What does Surfshark offer?

  • Support for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, FireTV, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Multi-device support — connect the whole family
  • Kill Switch — if the VPN server goes down, your device doesn’t just keep using the Internet
  • MultiHop — go through a double VPN layer
  • Whitelister — allow some apps or websites to use your real IP, VPN stays on for all the rest
  • CleanWeb — block malware, phishing, and tracking attempts
  • Surfshark Alert — get notified if your data has been exposed in a discovered data leak
  • Surfshark Search — private, ad-free search engine with no tracking attached

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