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White iPhone 4: beautiful, but thicker

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White iPhone 4: beautiful, but thicker

The white iPhone 4 is now available in Apple Stores throughout the country, but the hype around it wouldn't die down as the latest handset by Apple is slightly different than the original black iPhone 4 – it's thicker. Apple itself claimed that it's “worked to get every detail right,” but it seems that carries a price measured in a hair of additional thickness, or if we have to be exact, it's 0.0079 inches (0.2mm).

Not a big deal you might think, and you'd be right if it wasn't for case makers, many of whom have designed exclusive cases compatible with the iPhone 4, or as it might turn out – compatible only with the black iPhone 4. Apple would probably hate to hear the word fragmentation, but as minor as it is, that's what seems to be going on with Cupertino's products: first the Verizon iPhone came with a redesigned antenna and slightly moved volume buttons, which rendered some cases incompatible, and now the white iPhone 4 continues this trend with the added thickness. Here though, most cases still fit perfectly as the change is really minuscule.

Even more interesting, however, is the reason behind the added girth. Senior VP at Apple, Phil Schiller, mentioned that an extra coat of UV protection has been added along with other modifications to help preserve that snow white cover more white and less yellow. Official specs haven't reflected that tiny change and still list the thickness at 0.37 inches (9.5mm), but the fine print says that "Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process." If you've held both iPhones, could you notice the difference? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

source: TiPb and Engadget

White iPhone 4: beautiful, but thicker

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