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What's your take on unlocked phones?

Posted: , posted by Ray S.

What's your take on unlocked phones?
While most of us won't consider picking up a phone off-contract, because of the hefty price tags that are usually attached to the high-end offerings that most of us enjoy, it's definitely not like no one's doing it. The market for unlocked phones is doing just fine, as there are people out there who happen to need a new device, but without having put their signature on yet another two-year service agreement. Sure, you end up paying a significant amount of money, and you still have to pay for some kind of service, but after all, you get the freedom of choosing whichever carrier suits you most.

So, we thought... let's find out exactly what part of our readers have purchased, or would consider purchasing a full-price, unlocked phone. Feel free to cast your votes in the polls below!

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