Weather Timeline is shaping up to be one of the best apps for rainy days

Weather Timeline is shaping up to be one of the best apps for rainy days
There is no shortage of weather apps out there, to the extent that Google even created a separate category for them, but when one dares to make a paid one for the cutthroat competition in the field, the developer might be on to something. Weather Timeline is one of the more ironed out applications we've seen recently, clad in a pretty material design, with a vast number of widgets to choose from, plus numerous theming, transparency and framing options.

Pretty is not all there is to it, though, as the power of Weather Timeline is serving you granular details about the elements on... you guessed it... a timeline. It unfolds beautifully, marking adverse weather events in a more vivid manner, and the same goes for the widgets, too. Moreover, it is a timeline in the real sense of the word - you can look forward weeks and months in advance, based on historical data, or roll back to what the weather has been like here decades ago. There are local weather alerts built in, different weather provider options to choose from, and even an Android Wear version that is scaled down for the realities of your smartwatch display.

Developer: Sam RustonDownload: Android
Category: WeatherPrice: $1.50


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