Waze aims to keep you away from dangerous intersections

Google's crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app Waze is looking to make your drive safer by changing the way it handles "difficult intersections." Waze defines these as ones with "no traffic light, a constant flow of traffic, limited visibility, or some combination of all three." Making a left turn at these locations requires you to drive over multiple lanes of traffic that is headed right at you.

Waze is handling these intersections by having drivers use a Difficult Intersections setting that is now enabled automatically for drivers in L.A., but can be disabled at the driver's discretion. The setting will find routes that still get the Waze user to his destination in decent time, but avoids these stressful turns.

Waze was able to identify which intersections are considered dangerous by interacting with the local community in L. A. The Difficult Intersections setting is available only in L.A. for now, but will soon be offered in New Orleans, and then made available globally.

source: Waze via Engadget



2. GreenMan

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Instead of warning about 'dangerous' intersections, why not do something to keep people awake and focused while driving? This way, no Intersection will be considered as "Dangerous"... I'm a rider and one would mostly find me riding around on my 80s Yamaha SR500 Roadster, have had 3 bike crashes in the past with scars to prove... Not surprisingly, two of them were caused by unfocused and occupied drivers... In First crash, the guy changed lane out of nowhere... In second, the moron piloting the car in front of me braked too hard that it almost send me flying, I ended up on the car's trunk, but I miraculously walked away because thankfully, it happened at low speeds... Unfortunately, it totaled my beautiful 92 Triumph Speed 955i. I didn't hesitate a bit to punch him in the face, right in front of his brand new girlfriend cause he was oh so busy admiring her while driving... He ended up with a broken nose, good for him!, eh? In case you're wondering, My third crash was indeed my mistake! Lost traction on a rainy day, Ha! Too much front brake! We are humans after all, eh?

6. bambamboogy02

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We all know there are different levels of drivers on the road, and if they opt for the 'safer' way to tavel, that will make the 'dangerous' sections safer for those with better skills. I think this is a wonderful idea. Keep the less confident drivers along an 'easy' router and let those who are better skilled, handle the 'other' routes.

3. Unordinary unregistered

Perfect for when I Uber on weekends. Time to rack up the meter.

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