Watch Amazon's full Fire Phone event here

Watch Amazon's full Fire Phone event here
The Amazon Fire Phone, a device 4 years in the making, broke cover yesterday, and it is the first phone to use four infra-red cameras for an immersive 3D experience throughout the interface - in wallpapers, menus, and even apps and games. And while the event where Amazon’s chief executive Jeff Bezos unveiled it was not streamed live, the whole hour-and-a-half video of the announcement is now available.

You can relive the moments of the first Fire Phone unveiling, and see all the great demos on stage to get a better understanding of the device. You can also see Jeff Bezos present it all in a calm and collected way, and there’s even an appearance from AT&T’s CEO Ralph de la Vega at the end.

The Amazon Fire Phone is up for pre-order now on Amazon and AT&T, but the release date is still around a month off - the Fire Phone arrives on July 25th.

source: Amazon



1. HansGoneInsane unregistered

It is a great phone for sure. I like that Amazon took the plunge to make some things different. Furthermore, they obviously worked on the phone for many years before releasing it. That means everything is very well thought through. Who knows, maybe Amazon becomes the Apple of Android since Amazon offers a lot of high quality Services to its customers as well. Plus, Amazon has more attractive payment plans (flate-rates) while Apple is rather about purchasing than renting.

2. kyan-

Posts: 78; Member since: Apr 25, 2012

i was hesitant at first but the phone seems actually legit. not like some gimmick FACEBOOK PHONE UWOTM8

3. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Even a columnist for Infoworld recognizes that Amazon's phone is all about what's good for Amazon. "Does the Fire Phone put Amazon in your pocket -- or does it put you in Amazon's pocket? All signs point to the latter",0

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