Want to offer Liquipel's nano-coating in your retail store?

Want to offer Liquipel's nano-coating in your retail store?
By now, you should be familiar with Liquipel's method of adding nano-coating to your phone to make water roll off the device, even inside where the electrical parts are. Other companies offer similar protection, and Motorola's line up from the Motorola DROID 4 up includes nano-coating from a competitor that the manufacturer calls Splash-Guard. You can't take your Motorola DROID 4 and drop it in a fish tank, but if your clumsy friend knocks over his glass of water on the phone, or if there is a rain storm, your phone should survive with no problem. Liquipel offers three levels of protection depending on the phone being treated. The range cover light exposure to heavy torrential downpours.

The other day, we told you that because Liquipel's service requires you to box up your phone and send it to them to have the coating applied, it was looking to license companies in other countries. But when we went back to research this story, we found that Liquipel had talked at one time about opening locations in malls where people could have the nano-coating applied. It is a good idea because something like this could be a great impulse purchase, especially if there is a powerful display telling the story, similar to what Sony did at CES with the Sony Xperia Z.

As it turns out, Liquipel is now offering a turnkey solution for retailers that would allow store owners to add the coating from any retail space. Retailers can buy the Liquipod Tower that would allow shop owners to treat certain handsets with the "super-hydrophobic nanocoating formulation and application process." The tower is self-contained and includes everything you need-except customers-and we don't think you will have to worry about that. This is pretty much a product that sells itself. And you can even set this up as a kiosk in a mall. Liquipel will be available in some U.S. retailers starting in the second quarter of this year.

In addition, Liquipel has teamed up with JayBird to provide moisture protected Bluetooth headsets to the market.

source: Liquipel via AndroidCentral

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