Visa's payWave mobile phone payments is being trialed in New York

Visa's payWave mobile phone payments is being trialed in New York
It was only back in August when we reported that DeviceFidelity was launching a contact-less payment system over in Europe with the aid of microSD cards, but now the same technology is being tested out in the Big Apple.

Basically, DeviceFidelity manages to integrate Visa's smart chip circuitry into a microSD card which essentially allows you to make payments for your subway or taxi fares by simply waving your handset on Visa's payWave system. Sure you can basically do the same thing now on some existing credit cards, but we'd imagine that your smartphone is more likely to held in your hand at any given time, more than your credit card in fact.

It's naturally a good thing to see this technology be combined with a microSD card which makes the whole process just a tad bit easier for consumers, but you'll be required to use a bulky add-on case if you own an iPhone. Nevertheless, New York City commuters will be the first here in the US to test out this new service – which will hopefully make its way to additional markets.

via Engadget


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