Visa launches a contact-less payment system in Europe via microSD cards

Visa launches a contact-less payment system in Europe via microSD cards
So how can we spur the proliferation of mobile payments with handsets when some manufacturers are resistant in crafting devices that employ contact-less payment solutions? Well, you can look to the next best thing with microSD cards. Visa Europe is looking to move forward in mobile payment solutions with their recent launch of a contact-less payment system in Turkey. Employing NFC technology and developed by DeviceFidelity, the In2Pay system relies on specific microSD cards used inside BlackBerry handsets to make charges. Since there are very few handsets in the market that utilize NFC technology, this movement to rely on existing handsets with microSD card slots look more fitting than anything else. The nice thing about the In2Pay card is that it still acts like any other microSD card for storage purposes, but now they'll have the option to make purchases since it is compliant with EMV and Global Platform regulations – which is actually based on the industry standard Secure Element platform. For right now though, BlackBerry owners in Turkey will have the first dibs with this new payment scheme, but it's expected to roll out to other handsets which would include ones form HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola.

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1. ibap

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So how is this different from the tap-to-pay cards that are out there now?

2. Ronaleen unregistered

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3. Serhio unregistered

You can find the description of known payment systems on a site

4. annacrasto

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many of my clients are in to charity and stuff like that, one of them just transferred $1000 through Verifone to a animal charity.

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