Virgin Mobile's LG200 candybar phone makes messaging features it priority

Virgin Mobile's LG200 candybar phone makes messaging features it priority
As we continue to see handsets evolve, thus bringing us more complex features, there’s still going a portion of the population that simply doesn’t want to be bothered with much complexity with their phones, but rather, they want to be presented with the most basic of messaging functions.

With that, Virgin Mobile’s new LG200 candybar phone comes to mind as being the perfect solution for those customers – especially when it primarily focuses on messaging aspects and nothing more. Manufactured by LG, the LG200 features a portrait style QWERTY keyboard, 2.2” display, VGA camera, speakerphone, and Bluetooth 2.1.

However, it relies on the “sometimes you just don’t need an app for that” tagline since it’s being regarded more as a phone for those customers who do not want the hassles seen with today’s modern smartphones. Instead, it’s essentially an easy-to-use handset for calling, texting, sending picture messages, and emailing.   

Retailing for $69.99 in stores and online, the LG200 is exclusively available with Virgin Mobile’s payLo service which costs $30 per month, and offers customer 1,500 anytime minutes, 500 text, picture, or video messages, and a paltry 10MB of data just in case you have the subtle urge of going online.

source: Virgin Mobile via Mobileburn


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