Virgin Mobile plans to throttle data speeds down starting in October

Virgin Mobile plans to throttle data speeds down starting in October
As we continue to see carriers modify their service pricing structures to better adapt to the ever-changing times, it’s always nice to know that some are so willing to keep chugging along while offering unlimited plans.

Recently, we witnessed seeing Virgin Mobile making some changes to their various wireless plans – with some going up in price, while their unlimited plan was reduced by a mere $5. Nevertheless, Virgin Mobile customers on the carrier’s unlimited plan can sleep soundly knowing they’ll be able to consume as much data as their hearts desire.

Unlike some of the competition, Virgin Mobile will continue to offer unlimited data plans, but starting in October, they’re moving to a new policy of throttling data speeds once the 2.5GB mark is obtained. In fact, they’ll be reducing the speed to 265 kbps, which places it somewhere along the lines of 2G speeds, but it’s still much better than being required to pay overage fees and whatnot.

Sure, there are going to be some people upset by all this, but it’s not an uncommon practice seeing that T-Mobile is one of the major players using this strategy for a while now. Or do you think it's better to see tiered pricing instead so that speeds are maintained?

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1. alvinspeakstoo

Posts: 11; Member since: Jul 11, 2011

would that only affect new customers after october or everyone that uses virgin mobile

5. codymws

Posts: 237; Member since: Jun 17, 2010

I think it'll effect everyone.

2. urdaddi

Posts: 18; Member since: Jun 27, 2010

These carriers need to be fined for offering what they claim is something that is unlimited, but then in reality it is not. When they start to place some kind of cap on it then it is not truely unlimited. It is sad that our society feels it is ok that this kind of lie can just continue on.

7. sun0066

Posts: 269; Member since: Feb 12, 2011

great statement, 100% agree with it.

8. nb2six

Posts: 298; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

You still get all the data service you want just at slower speeds. If they stopped giving you data service altogether that would mean it no longer was unlimited. What's sad is that people try to use these devices to replace their home internet connections and thus use more bandwidth and further cause greater network bogdown. Granted Sprint shouldn't have these issues since they are a smaller carrier with a smaller customer base but you do realize this is PrePaid right?

3. joana26 unregistered

Lolz this made me laugh!! I have the optimus v and my boyfriend has the same phone and we usually always get 300 kbps with full reception and a 3G icon when we do speed tests. We live in los Angeles its not like we live in the middle of nowhere. Were fed up with those crappy speeds no its not our phones cuz were on our second ones cuz we broke our first ones and same problems slow internet speeds. I know were not the only ones ive talked to my sister in texas she lives in houston and she also has virgin an optimus v and same thing with her only difference shes getting 450 kbps a lil faster than us but still crappy if u ask me.We will dumping virgin and going to verizon and get some Lte phones next week, I know for a fact something is up cuz my friend has the optimus s on sprint and he gets 2-3 mbps standing next to me. And I heard virgin uses sprint network so I know something is up cuz I get 300 kbps while my friend standing next to me on his optimus v gets 2-3 mbps kinda strange dnt u think?

6. codymws

Posts: 237; Member since: Jun 17, 2010

I think I read somewhere that since Virgin Mobile runs on Sprint's network, Sprint prioritizes traffic for their own customers. That's probably why Virgin Mobile is quite a bit slower than Sprint. Oh and by the way, you'll be happy with Verizon. ;)

15. StrumerJohn

Posts: 66; Member since: May 18, 2011

Sprint and Verizon share their 3g network.And obviously if someone is on a cheap carrier they aren't going to jump on switching to expensive Verizon.

4. joana26 unregistered

Dammit I messed up at da end were I put my friend standing next to me gets 2-3 mbps on his optimus v I MEANT OPTIMUS S ON SPRINT MY BAD..

10. DigitalMD222222 unregistered

I think US cell carriers should get their act together and stop gouging the customers. Asia and Europe laugh at how far behind we are. Are US carrier stupid or just greedy?

11. urdaddi

Posts: 18; Member since: Jun 27, 2010

Just greedy...which is making them do stupid things.

12. LOL unregistered

After being on VM for a month with idiotic users who don't know that a mobile connection on their PHONE is not meant to serve as a tool to download torrents and crap on their PC, I'm glad VM is doing this. It's pretty sad that elitist places like HowardForums condone this type of behavior.. Then again, I switched to Sprint who is TONS better with customer service, phones, and everything else. :P

13. stealthd unregistered

The virgin mobile Broadband2Go plans have been listed as "unlimited 3G speeds up to 2.5GB" for months now, how is this new?

14. LOL unregistered

This is new because it's for phones now. VM only did this to broadband before but now people are using their phone connections for tethering (which they should not be doing...again, blame HowardForums) so VM is cracking down. Unfortunately, it's going to hit everyone thanks to the idiocy of others.

16. DigitalMD222222 unregistered

Yhooo, you do realize that VM is owned by Sprint don't you?

17. LOL unregistered

I do, however Sprint is not affected by this and people on VM who AREN'T breaking the TOS have been calling them pretty much daily since April 2011 trying to fix the issues that the idiot users are causing. Sprint's finally gotten sick of it and is doing something about it.

18. mr.gonse80 unregistered

I have to honestly say that I'm not surprised that this is happening...nevertheless the fact that this probably should have happened a while ago. When VM released the LG Optimus V, which I happen to own, one of the main reasons that people purchased this phone was the phones ability to utilize its mobile hotspot capabilities. VM "disabled" that feature probably in hopes of pushing their wireless broadband and hotspot devices to consumers. I'm only assuming that VM has realized that not only with a very successful launch of the Optimus V brought the beginning of a data overloaded headache. Now they going to throttle the data after the 2.5gb mark. HAHAHAHA.........Can't say I didn't see this coming eventually. But VM isn't to blame completely. I still like their service and I will continue to use it. They still offer great plan packages and rates. I just hope VM realizes that old saying, "Wherever there is a rule, there is a way around it."

19. DigitalMD222222 unregistered

Doesn't really matter because I have VM and it never clocks over 176k anyway on the data side. But I think 2.5 gb is too low for smartphones. Since they tag you with both up and down data and all the spam ads they put on every internet page, a typical use that listens to a few tunes, watches a u-tube, does a little browsing and emails will hit 200mb a day without breaking a sweat. What erks me about the cell companies is they push "fastest speed, unlimited, rule the airways" and then tier or throttle you to death. Why don't they advertise "we have the tightest throttling in the business" Or we have the highest price per Mb of any of the top carriers" That should should put an end to the "idiots" that want to use their high priced shiny little toys for something.

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