Video shot with Samsung GALAXY Nexus appears on YouTube in 1080p glory

Video shot with Samsung GALAXY Nexus appears on YouTube in 1080p glory
When the first rumors about the specs on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus started appearing on the internet, many were baffled about the 5MP camera said to be on board the first Ice Cream Sandwich flavored phone. After all, with many Android models sporting 8MP shooters, why would the new flagship model for Android have just a 5MP camera on board? The answer of course, is that megapixels is only a small part of the equation when determining how good the pictures you take with your phone will turn out. And while the speculation turned out to be fact and the phone was introduced with a 5MP camera on back, Google defended it by saying that the camera on the Samsung NEXUS Prime is one of the best to be found on a phone today.

During the introduction of the phone the other day, Google played a video shot with the camera on the phone. The video was of a sunset on a beach and while it showed potential, a problem with the streaming of the video gave viewers an incorrect impression of how well the handset captures video. As a result, the Google employee who took the footage-Romain Guy-posted the video on YouTube where you can get a real idea of the quality of the camera on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus.

On Google+, Romain explained that he used Adobe After Effects CS5 to produce the final edit, but only to speed up the first clip. So for the most part, the video on YouTube gives you a good idea of how video you shoot on the phone will turn out. And even watching it on a computer screen or phone, it sure looks good. Just make sure you have YouTube set for HD playback.

source: AndroidandMe

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If you are interested in seeing how Romain Guy was able to take such a great video of the sunset on the beach using the Samsung GALAXY Nexus, just check out the pictures below!

source: Google+

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