Verizon's new rebate form points to new devices

Verizon's new rebate form points to new devices
Verizon's new rebate form came out this week and lists several new devices that are expected to be released by July 13th. First on the list is the LG Chocolate 3, which looks like it will be avaliable in two colors: black and light blue. The Dare, scheduled to be released on-line June 26th, shows that it will also have a $50 mail-in-rebate. Next up is the Motorola V750 Adventure and Casio G'zOne Boulder (avaliable in black, orange, and non-camera versions) will use Verizon's new PTT service due out this summer. The Decoy and W755 are also listed, but both have already been released.

source: Verizon Rebate Form (PDF) via CarToys



1. jrcrow unregistered

so whats new?..Mr. Cripple Company sir!?

2. unregistered

Ah the cripple argument sad.

3. unregistered

people bitch about verizon "crippling" phones when i fact on average verizon phones still do more than others. we just have these cheapskates that try to get around everything without having to pay for something and truthfully they simply belong with TMobile. (The garage sale company of the US).

6. aufedk

Posts: 14; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

i actually think tmobile is better then verizon. not only is tmobile a GSM company unlike verizon but also doesnt rip u off like verizon. now that tmobile is getting 3g, everyones gunna start appreciating them. verizon knew this thats why they went out and bought alltel. smart move.

7. unregistered

awesome comment. makes so much sense verizon is afraid of tmobile. LAWL

9. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

You just say that because you have tmobile.... If you lived somewhere more remote unlike LA or sacramento or whatever, you might actually find that Verizon truly does perform much better than its competitors. In Nor Cal where I live, verizon has had 3 g (EVDO, then Rev A within 5 months) for 1 year and 7 months, whereas ATT has none still, tmobile has none, metro barely works, no one knows who all tel is (until Verizon bought em, lol) and Sprint just launched theirs 6 months ago. Verizon left every one in the dust AND was rated #1 wireless carrier by JD Powers and Record Searchlight. And compared to metro, att, and sprint customer care: Verizon is the best. T Mobile has always had great customer care (I know because I have sold them before) but they just don't perform the same as a high end wireless co.

13. aufedk

Posts: 14; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

actually LessthanZach, i live in phoenix, az and half of my family lives in LA. i used to also. and ur right, verizon is GREAT there. my aunts, uncles and cousins all have verizon. but tmobile works fine for me where i live. plus, there service is growing. T-Mobile USA might be a bit behind the other carriers but when it does catch up, its going to have the best service. and everyone likes verizon because of LG. they make some of the best phones the US has seen and verizon gets them all like the enV, Chocolate and the Voyager and now its going to be the Dare. Europe/Asia have always been ahead in technology when it comes in cell phones but verizona has the "coolest" cell phones thats why everyone likes them. but, now that tmobile is gunna have 3G, Sony Ericson to give them phones, and once they get their Android phone and "iPhone killer", they will be much better then verizon overall.

14. unregistered

did you really say tmobile is better than vzw? lay off the crack pipe.... you might come back to reality

16. unregistered

by the time TMobile gets 3g, Verizon will be rolling out their 4g network, and ATT may have their 3g finished. So yea, good argument.

18. unregistered

Hey question aufedk how much money did TMOBILE gross last year? Better yet how many of their customers came to verizon because it's better? Exactly!

4. unregistered

the boulder looks a lot better in orange

5. unregistered

Verizon DOES change a lot of already fine phones to make them "better" and sometimes the phone is really good, and other times it isn't so much. But I wouldn't use the word cripple to describe them. They are always rated the best wireless company.

8. unregistered

so Verizon is trying to 'catch up' to Tmobile by buying Alltel? Is that because Tmobile is just rolling out 3g and V has had it up for quite a while, not to mention should be the first to roll out their 4g LTE network? Damn right V had better be afraid, Tmobile might actually have half the speed and network capabilities of V

15. youracrackhead unregistered

please stop smoking the crack pipe liuttle man....t mobile will NEVER ever catch VZW, they dont have the funds and they are terrible in coverage. Oh....did I mention that they are cutting half their sales force, closing 25% of their stores and customers are leaving for VZW on a 17 to 1 ratio. pwned retard.

19. unregistered

"Damn right V had better be afraid, Tmobile might actually have half the speed and network capabilities of V" Oh you make me laugh, do some homework T will never catch VZW no one will buying alltell (if it even happens) will just be icing on an already sweet ass cake baby! They will cover 95% of the US and markets that weren't open to vzw customers before will be digital service if alltell is acquired it will be a long time before any of the other companies can catch us, unless at&t and cingular decide to do another signature merger 290 million as a customer base yeah right Tmobile can only dream on.

10. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Looks like we are getting a new air card (um175) a Kompass (wth?), I don't know what the grey v3m is.... and a Sammy u430. hmmmmm

11. unregistered

Grey V3m, yeah what the heck could that be? Wierd... You dont suppose it could be some sort of phone that's been out for YEARS known as the Moto Razr???? No that couldnt be it.

12. unregistered

The Compass is an aircard with built-in GPS... Sam u430 is just an updated 410

17. mz oh so anon-uh-miss unregistered

Wow... yall have way to much time on your hands, arguing about carriers... maybe i need to go into the same line of work as all of you so i can have free time like this..

20. unregistered

LOL I agree we're all just on the phones and no ones calling in this is one of the few sights not blocked :)

21. tomj unregistered

Tmobile is definitely better than they used to be. I think they have a good network but not as good as verizon. They are cheaper so they definitely have a place for those who want cheaper bills but dont have to have the absiolute best network.

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