Verizon's LG VX8700 has Shine-like finish

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Verizon's LG VX8700 has Shine-like finish
After everybody got crazy about the Chocolate, it's time for theShine to rule the world when it comes to fashion phones. Asia got itfirst, followed by European announcement and now we have a spy photo of clamshell version for Verizon Wireless with the same brushed-metal look. The LG VX8700 will replace the Chocolate-like VX8600exchanging the glossy black design with metal one. Still there is noinformation about the final specifications of the phone, but it willprobably the same size as its predecessor, with QVGA internal display and 2-megapixel camera, as the one used in the ENV.Also it is not sure if Verizon will use the "Shine" brand nameexclusively in the States (as it happened with Chocolate) or will justuse numeric model for the phone. Here are a few of the rumored specifications:

  • 2-megapixel camera
  • 262k TFT QVGA internal display; 65k external
  • 0.5 or 1 GB of internal memory; microSD Slot
  • Speakerphone
  • miniUSB
  • Updated Flash UI Themes
Expect it in the end of the Spring or in the early Summer.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. bob unregistered

When does it hit the streets?

2. unregistered

The article clearly states end of Spring or early summer...

3. vzwrep unregistered

We dont have an exact date but were told march or april from the lg rep

4. lookieloo unregistered

LG 8700 will be available April 6 on the net and in the stores on April 17. WE do not yet know if the speakerphone will be enhanced with terrific volume. Would be a killer if it did.

5. Jim unregistered

I was told on Sunday by the Verizon Wireless Specialist in the Circuit City-Verizon (Vista, CA) store that they were expecting the LG VX-8700 on the 18th of April. I too hope that the speakerphone has been improved over the VX-8600 models barely audible speakerphone speaker volume.

6. Mike unregistered

Just got the phone. Finally, a verizon phone with easy to use keyboard - great screen - pleasing outside finish - and best of all - bluetooth is unlocked on the phone since verizon lost the lawsuit. Dell laptop with bluetooth can download and upload pics and mp3s from your computer...and not through a pay verizon money service. Amen.

7. JRod unregistered

I've had the phone for a week after getting it via the "new every two" upgrade. I'm stepping up from the VX7000. I'm not a huge geek when it comes to phones, but I do like a phone to perform the basics and to look good. I will forgo commenting on the MP3 capabilities etc because I don't use them. The pros: The phone is just gorgeous. The case is sturdy and well built, it's 75% stainless steel. Interior screen is beautiful Verizon's new UI is a nice change from the same old red menu's I've been looking at for 4 yrs. Decent speaker phone Decent battery life (average of 3 days) with moderate talking and a lot of texting. Pretty cool options to switch around the exterior screen's clock and orientation. Nice 2.0mp camera Cons: Because the phone only has one speaker, the ringer and ear piece are shared. The ringer volume is extremely quiet, even on high (because of being tucked away when closed). The vibrate mode is the weakest of any phone I've owned. The exterior screen is impossible to read outside and has limited visibility in a decently lit room. Overall, it's not bad but I'm debating on turning it in because I'm not a fan of not being able to see my calls when I'm outside and the ringer volume. I'll give it another week to see if I get used to it.

8. Peggy unregistered

Gorgeous. Works well. Intuitive text not as intuitive as Motorola, but everything else is easier to navigate. No way am I turning it in.

9. joe unregistered

not sure what the person above is talking about, the ringer volume is loud. if you have the phone flipped open, it is quite, but who has their phone open when they arent using it? when it is in your pocket, it is extremely loud, to the point where some ring tones seem unbearable. also, it is pretty easy to see in light, and when it is real bright, you can simply put one hand over it...unless of course you only have one hand jrod? overall, great phone, i just wish it came with the usb cable

10. jade unregistered

ok i have no idea how to put music on this thing if you have any idea plz write me back

11. alexis unregistered

I just got the phone as a replacement for the LG8600 but in my old phone i had a meomory card....does this phone have any place for it?

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