Verizon to get RIM 7130E - the first EVDO capable Blackberry

Verizon to get RIM 7130E - the first EVDO capable Blackberry

We already reported about several PDF presentations which leaked yesterday. One of those shows the HTC Apache to be available from Verizon under VX-6700 model number. According to another one, Verizon will be getting the first EV-DO capable RIM Blackberry 7130E. The device will support Bluetooth, speaker phone, 64MB Ram/16 MB SRAM, polyphonic ring tones and built-in photo album. The presence of photo album is somewhat confusing since it implies the existence of built-in camera - something that no Blackberry has. We are more inclined to believe that the photo album is either a typo or some stand-alone functionality which has nothing to do with built-in camera on the device.

RIM 7130E




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