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Verizon tells FCC it should have "editorial discretion" over Internet content

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Verizon tells FCC it should have
Verizon has never even pretended to be in favor of Net Neutrality, and it has come out that once again Big Red has petitioned the FCC to allow carriers to favor its own services and even go so far as to edit content of the Internet. Verizon's petition to the FCC was apparently filed earlier this month in order to further explain why Verizon disagrees with the FCC's 2010 Open Internet Order. The Open Internet Order sets up basic rules for Net Neutrality including: transparency, and rules against blocking or discriminating against content. 

Direct from the filing:

So, Verizon thinks that it should be above the Open Internet Order rules, because the Internet is essentially a newspaper, Verizon as an ISP is the publisher, and so should have "editorial discretion." Really, it seems like Verizon really wants to push us all back to the walled-garden AOL days where the only "Internet" you got was in the services provided by the ISP. 

source: BGR

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