Verizon says adios to its $35 activation fee for its Android tablets

Verizon says adios to its $35 activation fee for its Android tablets
Call it a change of heart because of the iPad, but Verizon is doing away with charging its customary $35 activation fee for its line of Android tablets.

Granted that we all wonder what actually goes into this fee, it doesn’t take much effort or time for Verizon employees to actually get a device activated and ready for usage. And seeing that Verizon doesn’t charge for the fee with the iPad 2, it might really stick it to those who recently purchased an Android powered tablet from their selection. Thankfully, Verizon is keeping the playing field equal now that they’ve completely dismissed the $35 activation fee for Android tablets.

Even more surprising is the friendly gesture that Verizon is executing in order to show its appreciation. In fact, they’re taking back that $35 activation fee for those customers who purchased an Android tablet as far as March 1st. Sure it’s nice to see it go away, but it’s still uncertain whether or not this is going to be a permanent thing.

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