Verizon posts second quarter of record earning margins in a row

Verizon posts second quarter of record earning margins in a row
That state-of-the-art LTE network Verizon invested in before anyone else did not come cheap, but the carrier is now reaping the benefits. The Q3 earnings are just out, and Verizon reported adding 1.8 million subscriptions, making the grand total 95.9 million customers, of which 90.4 are on postpaid plans.

Revenue came in at $29 billion, which is a 7.5% increase year-on-year, and has been accompanied by a record 31.8% operating income margin hike. Verizon is now at the whopping $145.42 average revenue per account (ARPA), a number that proves once again Americans are paying more for their cell phone service than before.

Verizon now reports ARPA instead of average revenue per user (ARPU), since with the introduction of the new Share Everything plans, customers can split their data allowance among multiple devices. Verizon continued rolling out its LTE network in Q3 as planned, and now blankets 250 million people in 419 markets across the country.


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