Verizon officially launches the Ve and announces 8830

Verizon officially launches the Ve and announces 8830
The Motorola’s CDMA maxx, called the Ve is now available for ordering from Verizon Wireless. The stylish clamshell with huge external display and touch music shortcuts will cost you $200 with a 2-year contract and online discount. For this price the users gets 2-megapixel camera, QVGA internal display, Stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot and EV-DO data.

Verizon also announced its plans for launching the RIM BlackBerry 8830 which will be the carrier’s world-roaming phone. Domestically it will operate in dual-band CDMA networks with support for EV-DO data, while overseas it will use GSM networks with EDGE data. The high-end BlackBerry is very similar to the 8800 that both AT&T and T-Mobile offer. The World Edition smartphone will be available on May 14 through business sales channels and two weeks later (May 28) in the Communication Stores.



1. VZW Baby unregistered

The 8830 fits the Verizon paradigm: four years late and a dollar short.

2. unregistered

I like the Motorola Ve, but im kinda shaky on getting because of the RAZR lag. You know, press the menu button and it doesn't open until 10 seconds later! This is a good phone, though.

3. val unregistered

when can we get a pearl or some kind of RIM device with a camera? i feel like verizon customers always get jipped on features.

4. brad unregistered

val the reason you cant get a blackberry with a camera is they are designed for business use, many companies (including mine) will not allow cameras in (including cellphones) and thus we all have blackberries for that reason, im glad they do not have cameras

5. THE MAN unregistered

There are businesses which need to be managed using on the go devices such as the Blackberry, which having a camera would make a life a whole lot easier. Some people need to take pictures and send to other clients or business partners, and having those options in one device is very convenient. Thats why the Palm Treo 700w or 700p is a step up from the Blackberry

6. Dre Liz unregistered

Of course there is businesses out there that need the use of a camera, but none of the cameras on any of the phones have good amount of pixels. No business is going to make a deccission by looking at a blurry 1.3 mega pixel picture. And for your information the Palm Treo 700w is very very slow, espcially when a lot of the memory space is taken up by all of your emails. Very Annoying.

7. new cell unregistered

I just saw the Maxx and I was un-Maxxed... I have read the internal screen size is larger w/ the maxx. NOT SO! smaller a big downer for me...:(

8. mi_canuck unregistered

RE: "the lag".... if the Maxx VE anything like the RAZR V3xx (which has NVIDIA graphics), there should be no lag... nothing like the old RAZR V3...

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