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Verizon faces off with AT&T on "There's a map for that" ad campaign

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Verizon faces off with AT&T on
Verizon Wireless has started a new television ad campaign that takes a jab at AT&T's infamous connection problems with the iPhone. Instead of claiming "There's an app for that" as seen with the AT&T-iPhone spots, Big Red aims right at the quality and breadth of it's rival network. "Want five times more 3G coverage?" we are asked , "There's a map for that" is the response in the Verizon ad as two maps show the difference between the Verizon 3G network's coverage and that of AT&T. It is a well placed punch that goes right to the heart of complaints that iPhone users have with their network, and with talk about the exclusivity period between Apple and AT&T possibly coming to an end soon, it is also a reminder to Apple that perhaps their touchscreen device is better served on a different network.

source: AllThingsDigital

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