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Verizon Mi-Fi unit is meticulously integrated into an iPad

Verizon Mi-Fi unit is meticulously integrated into an iPad
Some iPad owners are content with being bound to the rules and regulations placed forth upon them by the various barriers that make the experience uniform between all users. Although there are people out there content with paying AT&T to get 3G data connectivity on their iPads, there is one owner out there that decided to go outside the lines and came up with an ingenious idea. Not everyone might be comfortable in taking apart their prized gadget which they paid for handsomely, but one owner decided to mod his iPad by removing the internal AT&T modem and decided to place a Verizon Mi-Fi circuit board in its place. Still functioning properly after the hack job, the Mi-Fi is able to get some juice through the iPad's battery and emit an inviting Wi-Fi network that doubles as a portable hotspot. Even though there were some modifications needed to make it happen, there are still some imperfections seen with it like the Mi-Fi's green LED being visible on the iPad's display – but we'd imagine that it would probably be the least of worries.

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