Various Samsung Galaxy S6 edge units are plagued by an auto-rotate bug

Various Samsung Galaxy S6 edge units are plagued by an auto-rotate bug
Just like the regular Galaxy S6, Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge is available to buy since April 10, with some pre-orders being shipped prior to that day. This means that many customers have already had the chance to thoroughly know their S6 edge, and, in some cases, to discover an unusual bug.

According to multiple users, some Verizon and Sprint variants of the Galaxy S6 edge come with an auto-rotate bug. The issue can make the handset get stuck into landscape mode, or it can mess up the camera UI, turning it upside down.

The weird part is that the bug isn't there when users first power the S6 edge on, but it can show up after hours, or even days, with no apparent reason. Reportedly, rebooting and factory resetting the device does not solve the issue. More worrying is that some Verizon customers have replaced their faulty S6 edge, only to receive a new unit that has the same auto-rotating issue. For more details, you should read what users have to say about all this at the source links below.

Samsung is seemingly aware of the problem, but it didn't provide any official statement about it yet. Regular Galaxy S6 units don't seem to be affected by this auto-rotating bug. It's not clear if the problem is a software, or a hardware one, but, either way, let's hope Samsung will soon get to the end of it.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge? If yes, have you experienced any issues with it thus far?

sources: Verizon forums, XDA forums via Droid-life

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