*Updated with pictures* Voyager in Titanium hits Verizon

*Updated with pictures* Voyager in Titanium hits Verizon
After almost 10 months since its original release, the LG Voyager is getting a slight upgrade, but we are unsure if this is the "Voyager Refresh" that we've heard about. The new Voyager in Titanium only has one hardware change, the color, but it comes preloaded with the newest firmware (VX10KV09). However, users of the original Black Voyager can take theirs to a local Verizon store for a free firmware upgrade. The most noticeable changes are the inclusion of Visual Voice Mail ($2.99/month), VCast Music with Rhapsody, and City ID ($1.99/month) which displays the city and state of where a incoming calling is placed.

Both color options (Black and Titanium) are currently available from Verizon for $99 after rebate with a 2-year contract.

Here is a complete lists of upgrades found for V09, thanks to our friends from HowardForums:

· New Pre-Loaded Application: City ID
1. Visual Voice Mail
2. Smartlinks added for Mobile E-Mail and Visual Voice Mail
3. When sending a text, if you press [Shift] [4/$] to get the $, it displays $8.
4. Problem where the “Unlock” soft key is not displayed on an incoming call after phone is locked in the phone setting menu.
5. Fixed the following two lock-ups on the device:
6. When the user tries to move the image in [Settings & Tools], [Memory], [Phone Memory], [Options], [Move], [Select the image]
7. Select the same file to move and press “Done” in [Settings & Tools], [Memory], [Card Memory], [My Picture]
8. Shortcuts Menu on external display now supports dragging & dropping feature to move positions. In SET mode, Options(Right Soft Key) has been renamed to Reset.
9. When auto focus in camera is set to “Two Steps” the focusing sound plays even in vibrate mode. - Now Fixed
10. On the external display, pressing & holding “#” key now puts the phone in and out of the vibration mode, and pressing & holding “*” key is for international calling.
11. Pairing the LG Voyager with a MacBook Pro only shows OBEX File Transfer and OBEX Object Push as supported services. (Bluetooth modem is not listed as a supported service, also no options from the programming menu to enable it)
12. When you have the 10K set to “Vibrate Only” after pairing and using the Motorola H12 Bluetooth headset, then disconnecting (turning off the H12) the key tones become audible. To set the key tone to silent again you must increase the ring volume and then decrease back to “Vibrate Only.” This is also duplicated using the Motorola H685 Bluetooth headset and the Voyager also. - Now Fixed
13. Online Album menu is added under Media Center – Picture & Video – 8. Online Album
14. Corrected the misspelling in the screensaver (Faburary -> February)
15. Changed the following verbiages:
“To PIX Place” to “To Online Album", “Get It Now” to “Media Center", "My Account" to “My Verizon", “Standalone Mode” to “Airplane Mode”.
16. "Turning on Airplane Mode will disable all wireless communications." Help text has been added on the Airplane Mode.
17. Turning on Music Only Mode will disable voice and data calls. Bluetooth communication will not be affected." Help text has been added on the Music Only Mode
18. When customer selects pix and presses option to upload to pix place. As soon as you press (2) to upload phone reboots.
19. When you have ICE contacts set. When the phone is locked and you hit the "ice" button then hit options and then re-assign you can add a new contact. You can also reassign and unassign the ice numbers which should not be possible when the phone is locked.
20. When a user has a voicemail number setup with two 2-second pauses, then his/her password, when the user holds down the 1 key on the Voyager to dial into their voicemail box, as soon as the call connects, they hear a beep from the headset which triggers the earpiece volume to appear on the phone. This is preventing their password from being dialed automatically like normal.
21. “Show Dialpad” has been added under “Phone Settings – Call Settings” to provide an option to show/hide the dial pad on the external display during a call.
22. “Screen Saver” under Display Settings has been renamed to “Charging Screen.”
23. “Auto Complete” feature has been added in entering a recipient’s address/phone number in Messaging.
24. “Set Qwerty Shortcut” under “Phone Settings – Set Shortcuts” has been added.
25. “V CAST Music” has been changed to “V CAST Music | Rhapsody” under Media Center – Music & Tones.
26. Visual Voice Mail and Mobile Email have been added under Messaging.
27. Last call timer now gets reset when “Reset all” is selected.
28. “Vibrate on Scrolling” has been added under Touch Settings – Vibrate.
29. When “Dual Clock” is set, it now displays “Current Time” instead of “Current Time Zone.”
30. In a call using Bluetooth device, pressing SPK key will transfer sound to speakerphone.
31. Go to 9 www.rediff.com, select images, select nature/flowers, device reboots (repeatable). However if user turns java script off, device does not reboot.
32. Go to weatherbug.com. Enter zip code, phone resets and then comes up in a strange state where the browser displays an error when attempting to access.
33. When going to www.abebooks.com phone will shut off. Opened up the browser went to www.abebooks.com and phone will shut off
when page is loading.



1. unregistered

After my last experience with abebooks, it would be better if the phone turned off.

61. unregistered

Same with me, haha.

100. Duncan unregistered

yea and me

2. unregistered

looks cool..gotta see it person. can we get some more pics?

3. unregistered

sure you can get some more pix, whats your cell phone number. I'll keep um going all evening

5. unregistered

thanx for the offer but i'd rather see em up here

33. unregistered


70. Kido

Posts: 13; Member since: Apr 09, 2008


4. WoahShutItDown unregistered

Couple things regarding this: 1. I work for Vzw, and I HATE how they charge you for EVERYTHING! VVM for $3.00/month?! Retarded. 2. If you go and get your phone flashed (upgraded), it wipes everything. All music, games, pictures, everything. Which is aggrivating when you've spent $7/+ times X amount of games your bought. 3. There's not even that big of a color differance. It's more of just a slight hue adjustment to a different shade. 4. Once, a long time ago I sent a text that contained "$0.87" and now, everythime I hit symbol and 4 for the "$" sign, it brings up the whole "$0.87" that I wrote months ago....seriously?

6. chup12682 unregistered

I'm with you Woah. But instead of going into a tirade about the VVM pricing, which I have done a lot of, I was wondering if this upgrade is free and available now.

7. unregistered

Couple of things reguarding this post: 1. Options cost money. It does more than the competitions VVM and will roll out on all phones. Each competitor only has 1 phone that will even OFFER the feature. 2. Then don't flash your phone. Or better yet, do your job and refer the customer to customer care who will credit back all purchases after they are re-downloaded. 3. WHO CARES! It's called the "Voyager refresh" not the "Voyager 2" Nobody expects it to be a whole new phone! 4. It does that with ALL text messages, all phones do. This phone is not meant to bring in the customers that already have the Voyager, they can just flash theirs and be done with it. This is meant to bolster sales of an already successful phone. It's called marketing.

8. elgee02 unregistered

The iPhone is still a much more expensive phone per month to use than the Voyager despite VZW charging $2.99 for VVM. VZW doesn't require a data plan for the Voyager, but even if you wanted unl. data for the Voyager it's HALF the price of data for the iPhone.

11. unregistered

if you really work for verizon then why the hell are you bitching? YOU GET PAID for all these feats you think they're "retarded" for charging i'm willing to bet you're texting all your freinds on your ATT phone about how clever you were to impersonate a VZW employee

12. unregistered

yes the upgrade is free at any VZW corporate store

44. N/a unregistered

In my opinion honestly, it's a lousy way to just change a color of the phone. I work for Verizon and even I admit they charge and find a way to charge for something. I agree with "Whoashutitdown". Marketing strategy? Well... good luck. If anything, to Verizon defense, things should get better if not, very slowly.

57. phone_queen1977

Posts: 10; Member since: Aug 13, 2008

One other thing..I agree there are alot of fakes on here claiming they work for Verizon an Bashing them! The proof is when the speak about the companies options and how it works! They have no clue what their talking about. And if you do work for Verizon i bet your a Lazy slacker on your way to being fired! Any good empolyee of Verizon would know they treat their staff well pay included!

63. unregistered

then why are they not even making the regular black voyager anymore?

73. unregistered

true that!!!!!!!

90. unregistered

Hey Phone Queen. Maybe they treat their workers well. Now their customers,I don't think so.

110. aZ unregistered


9. unregistered

I love #10...that is so so true!!...At&t....Hated it!!!!

10. rj04 unregistered

My feelings aren't as strong as yours, more like a strong dis-like, but since we're talking about what we hate about that fake Nike symbol company then I'll participate; *Finding ways to charge people more money for something that cost them nothing; City ID 2 bucks- what a joke. *The "best service ever" that just hapens to not work in my house or one of my friends houses. *CDMA service, meaning the big companies wont make their best and most feature packed phones compatible because the rest of the world uses GSM. * Having to here my brother complain about not being able to go to certain websites and how annoying it is to pay for games and ringtones.

13. unregistered

name a company that gives you free ringtones? or free games? if you're smarter than the average third grader there's ways to do get free ringtones for any cell phone..... as for websites, show me one site in a side by side comparison where the i-phone or Instinct or Vu can go that the voyager, Dare or Glyde can't go.. or maybe a BB to BB or Pam to palm? pick your weapon City ID - yes it's useless, but do you really think they didn't pay someone to develop this? do you think they didn't have to upgrade the network to work with this program? Noooo, big bad verizon waved it's magic wand and it existed, ready to go and ready to rape it's customers...you think $2 bucks is too much (i do) don't buy it "that just hapens to not work in my house or one of my friends houses" come to my part of the country and i'll show you entire COUNTIES where ATT doesn't get service, never mind 3g CDMA - read consumer reports next year when they do their annual cell phone issue and you can choke on the page that shows multiple cdma phones listed as the best in the industry... unless you're one of those people that has to buY the newest european GSM phone off E-bay every 6 months so you can brag about how ytou have the best phone... what're you going tobitch about 2 years from now when everyone is using LTE???? or next year when Verizon fully launches it's open access policy and any comapny in the world can make a phone for the network?

14. unregistered

Take a few deep breaths, it will be okay. If you're going to insult someone regarding them being less smart than a third grader please get an adult to proofread it for you- "smarter than the average third grader there's ways to do get free ringtones" LOL. How about not insulting any person in general ever, that way you don't have to taste your foot. Also, your points would come across as more valid to everybody without all the hostility.("you can choke on the page... what're you going tobitch about" etc.)

17. unregistered


58. phone_queen1977

Posts: 10; Member since: Aug 13, 2008

Finally a person on here with a firm hold on life! lol Hats off to you #15 you hit it on the nails head buddy!

15. unregistered

....why do people always complain about "Companies charging people for things...?" Is there a business in any industry that doesn't "charge people for things?" Shouldn't the greater concern be whether a feat/service is available with one provider vs another but to expect anything for free seems almost...childish (not to call names)...its just not realisitic in a capitalistic society which most people should learn about at a very early age.

18. rj04 unregistered

if this is the way you look at things then I guess it wouldn't bother you if everytime you bought a ticket to see a movie there was an additional seat charge. Or a charge for napkins at your local restaurant. My point being they already had this capability and instead of including it with the other caller id info like another phone company already does for free, they decided to charge for it. So to answer your question, yes, there are businesses in every industry that don't charge for things, including this service, in the telecom industry.

16. Steve Golitely unregistered

Hi... i got the firmware update today. im somewhat impressed, however confused. i love the new themes, but they didnt keep the old ones for some reason. ??? music is kinda wierd... if you play a song, it tries to show the album art, in which makes it really hard to switch songs quickly. the shortcut menu (although uber cool) is glitchy and slow. the white theme is a good addition to the plain black old ones. I was pretty mad when i found out it didnt support handwriting recognition. Another thing itll do different than the previous version is when you connect it to your computer, and you finish downloading a song, it will give you the option of going to your music. hope this helps someone... :]

19. scorpio_diva2007 unregistered

I will be nicev :-)....I'm a vzw customer..I've been with vzw for a long time..I love my service, phones, customer service, etc..and yes I do complain about how they nickel and dime us but I will put it like this..If u don't want it or it's too expensive then don't get it..I will get this voyager refresh as they call it becuz I've been wanting this phone since before it came out..and there isn't a perfect carrier out there becuz if it were one then everyone would be with that company. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some ppl like vzw, some ppl like AT&T, Sprint, and so on for whatever reason there is. But anyways I'm getting this phone..

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