Verizon Wireless re-announces Visual Voice Mail, not free anymore

Verizon Wireless re-announces Visual Voice Mail, not free anymore
Ten days ago, Verizon Wireless published the first official information on its Visual Voice Mail (VVM) service. It seems that it was a leak that wasn’t meant to be seen by the public, and shortly after that the carrier took down its page.

Today, big Red published a new press release about the Visual Voice Mail. The big news is that it is not free as reported previously but confirms earlier rumors: it will cost $2.99 a line per month plus airtime or megabyte charges and messaging fees. The LG Voyager really is the first phone to offer it, after a free software update at any VZW store, but other devices will support it “in the coming months”. Using VVM, customers can store 40 messages for up to 40 days.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

I'm kind of sick of VZW charging for the little things that most carriers make free... and I work FOR a premium retailer of VZW!

6. unregistered

I suppose you could go sell for a lesser company like at&t who ranks lower in customer loyalty and satisfaction. VZW is a company that is here to make money not give features for free. I hate to break the news to you all but you are in the wrong profession if you believe capitalism is wrong!

8. unregistered

go vote for obama maybe he will give you tax break from our profits since we make so much money off of our customers

17. unregistered

There are only 2 phones on the market that even DO this, how can you say everyone else lets you do it for free?

35. unregistered

Who gives a crap about Visual Voice mail??? It's all hype it's basically useless. Youmail is so much better than any kind of visual voice mail. Before you guys start whining do some research. I am careless about that. I like Verizon but I still believe they are a little on the greedy side. Cell phone service should not cost this much in the new millennium. Go to Europe and you will see what I am talking about. And before you start accusing me as some far left liberal democrat I am actually very conservative republican who is open minded and not driven by any brainwashing.

48. unregistered

IT'S NOT FREE WITH AT&T OR SPRINT EITHER! Free with mandatory $30/month data package is NOT FREE. VZW is making this an option on an already competitive network pricing. If you don't want it, don't buy it! When you can take the $30 data pack off your iPhone and still use the visual voicemail, then you can tell me it's FREE.

72. unregistered

OK, so if you subscribe to a premium data pack with Verizon, shouldn't this be included?

74. unregistered

A lesser company like AT&T. How can a company with more customers than Verizon be of lesser value?

83. phone_queen1977

Posts: 10; Member since: Aug 13, 2008

Your so very right! I find it very funny that people just go with what's cheap or easy! Verizon has never said its the cheapest carrier,but only the best! I'm a person of facts and I read. If more people would just read about a company an what it has to offer them Capitalism wouldn't be a issue. The other companies would just go out of businness. And just one last thing...Nothing in this life is free! I could make a very long list but i'd rather pay and know it works the get over charged told i'm getting a service free just to have it suck! You say you work for a Premium VzW retailer then your trainning must have sucked or you would know this!

87. phone_queen1977

Posts: 10; Member since: Aug 13, 2008

As of right now it's a new service! So no it wont be, but I would think as history shows with VZW if its something our customer wants then they may bundle it in down the road.

94. unregistered

Verizon will nickel and dime you to death and offer poor service

95. unregistered

Phone Queen.. You must suck

100. critofur

Posts: 10; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

"If you don't want it don't buy it" - it sucks that something so obvious is not a standard feature with cell phone service in this day and age. Who isn't tired of greedy companies trying to squeeze every last nickel and dime out of us with fees, charges, etc. For instance, some phone companies charge a fee for touch tone dialing? Who the #@$^ has a pulse dial phone these days? Tone is just the basic standard. Who are these people that come out and say "if you don't like capitolism then move out of the country" in response to people who just want companies to earn their business by offering them more for less, rather than being presented with fewer choices and being charged more as the big guys put the small guys out of business???

2. anonymous2 unregistered

I too work for a premium retailer of Verizon and the things they do are ridiculous. They nickle and dime everything to the tune of 12.1 billion in profit. The service is not as good as they percieve and the phone selection is not the greatest. And the prices they charge for phones to agents is absurd.

5. unregistered

if you think that then you must be the worst salesperson around, if you don't believe in what you sell, why the hell are you selling it? truck driver school too expensive????

11. unregistered

Of all the carriers I've been with, VZW has been the most reliable for me. I've hardly had any issues with coverage, connection speed, and overall quality of the service (and customer service for VZW is stellar compared to the others I've dealt with!). Albeit the phone selection might not please everyone in the market, they do have some solid devices. I'd rather pay slightly more for a service that works great for me than pay less for something that doesn't. You don't pay the price of a Mercedes-Benz to get the quality of a Kia.

29. unregistered

preach on #11!!!

55. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Number 29- #11's response seemed logical and did not sound like a preach, more like a statement of preference. Number 2- You must think everyone is stupid. You just complain because you don't get paid verizon wireless corporate rates. I too was a manager for Celcom, an indirect agent who sold all the carriers at the time. The two most sold companies were verizon and att. And though vzw can be more expensive in phones, our monthly service in terms of minutes to price paid is identical, and our per mb data usage charges are about half of what att charges. We were rated number one in reception by JD powers and consumer reports, not to mention got number one spot in customer care several times (usually tmobile gets it).

89. unregistered

Actually, that makes him a good salesman. You should find a new profession if you can only sell products that you personally believe in.

96. unregistered

What's wrong with Kia ? It will take you any place a Mercedes will.

97. unregistered

55 What customer care??? You gotta be kidding

3. unregistered

maybe you should take into consideration that it takes sometimes upward of millions of dollars to license the technology, test it and make it compatible with a carriers devices.. of course everyone wants everything for free because we're a generation of spoiled brats that thinks no company should make a profit and we should have every peice of technology we want, whenever we want, for free

4. joe in miami unregistered

Hey, it could be worse. You could be working for Sprint!

36. unregistered

Companies should profit without a doubt but when they start raping their consumers or customers that's where the problem arises and this is not coming from a liberal either. I think it's time for some minor changes to happen in US.

52. CHUP12682 unregistered

I don't know how old you are #3, but being a generation of spoiled brats and the need for companies to curb their profit margins is definitely not related in any bit. In fact it is our generation of spoiled brats that fuel the need for corporations to want to make more profit! It infuriates me to hear such stupidity... AND I'M A CONSERVATIVE ON THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM! And yes, by proxy, I am also calling you (#3) STUPID! I believe that private corporations have a duty to support this country as Ronald Reagan did. I'm not speaking for the man, but by merely looking at his economic policies, any conservative of that era would be disgusted with the rampant profit hoarding that corporations exhibit today! Last year, CEOs on Wallstreet reported the highest amount of bonuses given in a single year, and a small minority of them actually re-invested it into the economy. If your previous argument was to praise corporations for their civic contributions to the economy by turning their profits into economic stimulation, then our current recession shows you how myopic you are. SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT EXPECTING MORE FROM VERIZON. And if you truly believe in capitalism, then you should certainly believe that the power should rest with the consumer to find a suitable market price for any given service. It is true that we have the right to find another carrier, but we also have the right to expect the highest quality service at the most agreed possible price. So my message to EVERYONE is that nobody should take heart to what any of these people are saying when they justify the status quo...

57. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Wow.... okay so all the companies make their service CHEAP and DON'T REQUIRE CONTRACTS and give away FREE PHONES AND ACCESSORIES, right? We just won't make any money to support the network you all bitch about. And we will pay our reps like walmart employees-minimum wage with no spiffs. That's supposed to help things. Me being a consumer, I want cheap stuff too. But when I go to Khols to buy work shirts I don't tell them "If you give me the shirts for free and waive the annual fee, I will apply for your credit card....". Every one comes to verizon and acts as if we are in god damn Tijuana!!! SO YOU GET VVM FOR FREE WITH IPHONE HUH? NO!!! It's 30 bucks a month and you are forced to have it. We offer the VVM as an option, a cheap option. When another company offers it for less or for free I am sure we will as well.

98. unregistered

36 AMEN to that

101. critofur

Posts: 10; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

I want more for my money as technology improves, which in turn reduces costs. And, as volume increases also reducing costs per unit, I want my price reduced also. I'm not saying I want them to make NO profit, but I AM saying I want free visual voicemail rather than obscenely high executive bonuses. I say more of us should vote with our wallets as much as we can, and not just be lemming consumers. I threw away my TV, I don't have cable, I cut my land line phone service to $14, I only pay $15 for my Verizon Wireless because I'm on my friend's Family Plan, and I stopped buying DVDs (BluRay rediculously expensive), I stopped buying video games (WTF, number of sales doubles, triples, quadruples, but the price goes UP? That's BACKWARDS as goods become MASS MARKET items prices should fall like a dropped rock!.

7. unregistered

I dont believe alot of people will get this service because of the monthly service charge. If they where charging money to pay for the license they would just charge you to download the app and then make it free. I dont have any beef with VZW but they are for sure the most expensive

77. unregistered

i don't believe that alot of people will take this feature because it's pointless to 98% of cell phone users. It's a gimmick

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