Verizon and Rhapsody join forces

Verizon and Rhapsody join forces
Verizon today announced that VCast Music is now compatible with Rhapsody's subscription service.  The service runs $14.99/month, and using the VCast Music with Rhapsody software users can download from Rhapsody's collection of over 5 million tracks and freely move them onto up to three devices, such as their phone and mp3 player.  If they want to own the song, users can purchase it DRM-free for $0.99 from their PC or $1.99 if they download it over the air from their phone.  In the latter case they can also download a second mp3 copy for their computer.  Compatible devices include the upcoming LG Chocolate 3, as well as the LGDecoy and LG Dare; MOTO W755; Samsung SCH-u550, Samsung Glyde andSamsung Juke. Those with a MOTORIZR Z6tv, MOTORAZR¬≤ V9m or LGVX8700 can go to the store for a software upgrade that will make them compatible.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

so they aren't gonna do this on the voyager? isn't that kinda odd considering it's still the flagship phone for verizon wireless! I'm kinda annoyed cuz this seemed like something that I'd really like and since I own a voyager it kinda makes things a bit difficult...

8. unregistered

Not to worry friend....they will be releasing a software update for the Voyager that will allow you to have Rhapsody, look forward to it in August or possibly at the end of this month. One of the reasons why it's taking a while for them to come out with it on other handsets is because they are doing their beta testing period. Since there's a lot more Voyager users than the ones listed on this article, VZW didn't want to take a chance with glitches and errors on Rhapsody, and disappoint all you Voyager users/losers.

2. unregistered

not really the flagship anymore with the Dare released but that will probably be added in the Voyager refresh.

3. vzw emp unregistered

the voyager does support the new rhapsody with verizon, its just not listed above...

7. vzwemp unregistered

there is NO support for the voyager as of yet. I am suprized myself, but I dont know where you get your info from, but it is not on the voyager at launch. My voyager got all exited till I had to tell it, it was excluded for now... :(

4. unregistered

WHO CARES!!! This is not itunes

5. unregistered

youre right! itunes, and its partner in crime quicktime, is a horrible bloatware program that is pretty terrible at what it does. this, on the other hand, will allow users to fill their mp3 player and phone with as much music as they want for the cost of 1 cd/month

9. unregistered

Do they own the music or is this a "rental service" for a monthly fee when you say "allow users to fill their mp3 player and phone with as much music as they want for the cost of 1 cd/month"???

10. unregistered

It is both a rental and purchase program. 15 gets you unlimited rental of the music and you can purchase songs for a buck. Purchased songs will remain in your library even if you unsubscribe.

6. unregistered

The price is fine they just need to make the phone price the same

11. unregistered

This is cool, better than Napster2go, it tops Sprint's Music Store too but not in price OTA price. If the latter offered full song previews and whole album downloads they would be champ

12. bored unregistered

You know I'm just wondering why? Not very many VZW customers are willing to fork over ANY more dough to use the services some of them don't even want to pay for what they do use it will be interesting if rhapsody and vzw lasts very long.

13. rickfleming

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 04, 2008

hoping the env 2 shows up on there soon! Really soon! I want my 5000 songs on my PHONE

14. unregistered

Ya, this will be great if you have a PC. I have a MAC, therefore can not use it at all!! So I am paying for a service that I cannot even use with the premium plan!!

15. unregistered

Get the iphone. looks like you're stuck. Stuck in a corner and forced to settle for the iphone. No one should have to settle for the iphone

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