Upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices look cool, says Microsoft, unlikely to build own

Upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices look cool, says Microsoft, unlikely to build own
Microsoft surprised and downright infuriated some of its hardware partners with the decision to build its own Surface tablet to showcase the best of Windows 8. Acer said it will fail and HP, Microsoft’s biggest computer maker, pushed back plans for a Windows RT tablet.

But when it comes to smartphones, Microsoft is confident that its partners are this time bringing out the best of the platform, and it doesn’t plan on bringing its own devices.

So far we know that Nokia, Samsung and HTC will be the biggest partners for the Windows Phone 8 operating system but with Samsung and HTC’s focus on Android, the weight comes for Nokia to shine with a unique WP8 phone.

Interestingly, Sullivan also confirmed that it’s a "reasonable conclusion" to think that the Surface team at Microsoft wasn’t happy with what hardware makers were bringing and that’s why it decided to build a tablet on its own.

We’d add another reason for Microsoft not building a smartphone - it doesn’t have the carrier ties, and unlike tablets which you can sell without the help of carriers, for phones the majority of sales happen at operators’ stores and that’s a huge factor. What do you expect to see happen with Windows Phone 8, will it finally bring the success in mobile Microsoft has been craving for years?

source: Pocket-lint


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