Upcoming MT6592 octa-core chip rivals Snapdragon 800 in benchmarks

Upcoming MT6592 octa-core chip rivals Snapdragon 800 in benchmarks
Mediatek is a name that might not ring a bell but it should. The Chinese chip maker’s roadmap has just leaked out and it shows a monstrous octa-core chip, the MT6592 coming by the end of the year. Why is that important? What if we told you that the MT6592 beats Snapdragon 800 in terms of both performance and power consumption.

Right now, everything we have are preliminary AnTuTu benchmark scores, so it’s hard to say whether the test was performed on the same devices. If we assume so, though, the upcoming chip scores of 29 600 actually beat that of Snapdragon 800 based devices.

The MT6592 is an octa-core Cortex A7 chip. The eight A7 cores run at up to 2GHz (in this test, up to 1.7GHz), but ARM is touting them as power-efficient ones as well so chances are Mediatek has done some optimization to keep power levels down. Compared to big.LITTLE setups with 4 Cortex A7s and 4 Cortex A15s, the new chip should definitely be more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Take a look at the screenshot below. Let us remind you that this chip will most likely be used by Chinese white box manufacturers making affordable yet powerful phones for under $300 off contract. Exciting, isn’t it?

source: MyDrivers

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