Upbeat Motorola holding off selling their home & networks mobility unit

Upbeat Motorola holding off selling their home & networks mobility unit
Good fortunes can strategically place any company in a good position to oversee its future business proposals. Just looking back over a year ago, Motorola’s stance in the market has been greatly diminished after seeing highs during the period of the RAZR. After a successful reboot with the Android platform, all of that undoubtedly changed in the last few months – placing the company back into the spotlight. With so many successes occurring so recently, sources cited by the Wall Street Journal say that the company has paused efforts to sell its home-and-networks mobility unit. Most people would mostly associate Motorola with cell phones, but they’ve been active in other ventures like making cable boxes. Two very important reasons hint to the halt in moving forward with the move. Thanks to increased handset sales in the last few months with popular devices like the DROID – the company believes they can continue to thrive as one cohesive entity. The other reason could also be that bids for the unit did not meet the expectation levels of the company – Motorola believed they could get between $4 and $5 billion for the set-top-box division. In the mean time, all talks about the future of the unit are still up in the air with another round of bids occurring sometime in mid February. With efforts picking up steam once again with the company, continued financial success can place the company is a good situation for future business ventures.

source: The Wall Street Journal via Phonescoop


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