*UPDATED* BlackBerry Storm officially announced by Verizon Wireless

*UPDATED* BlackBerry Storm officially announced by Verizon Wireless
*Update* As it was expected, thanks to the leakage of the press release, Verizon Wireless officially announced the Storm, the first touchscreen BlackBerry. See the link in the end for the official announcement

It looks like Verizon is prepping a press release to be released later today to officially announce the Storm. Of course it hasn't been a secret for a while, but we always love official, high resolution shots and spec sheets! blackberry.com/storm is active with a few demos, and Verizon has their own /storm site as well though it's decidedly less informative right now. One interesting note, GPS and BlackBerry Maps are mentioned in the same sentence so maybe Verizon will allow this to be GPS unlocked (maybe, there are a whole lot of superscripts after it.)

via: BGR

The Storm is a CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A phone for Verizon, which sports quad-band GSM and 2100MHz  HSPA for 3G roaming in Europe. It has a 3.2" 480x360 touchscreen, 3.2MP auto-focus camera, 3.5mm jack and stereo Bluetooth. It also features GPS, fa ull HTML browser and  an onscreen QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and SureType in portrait view.

source: Verizon Wireless

Engadget and Gizmodo have gotten some their hands on the Storm, and while they they had some gripes (size, browser) they came out impressed.



1. unregistered

It's still coming with the 8GB card 1 GB of on board memory storage and 8 GB microSD memory card included in expandable memory card slot Check it out!

18. unregistered

Can u read? fanboy??

24. unregistered

Sure I can... the original posting stated that Phonearena was unsure whether the phone was coming with an 8GB card... Now go back and post on phonescoop

27. unregistered

ur still wrong again can u read....1gb of mem only...fanboy......whats phonescoop? u fanboy

32. unregistered

Hey, the 1GB memory refers to ONBOARD memory. U do know what that means right? Onboard memory and extended/expanded memory are 2 different things...!

33. unregistered

Easy You 2 ..LOL..

34. unregistered

i hate fanboys...its not coming with 8gb card...!

42. unregistered

u guys are so lame. granted its cool, its just a phone. wow

45. unregistered

umm, hey smart guy, it is coming with an 8 gig memory card included with the phone.

55. unregistered


61. unregistered

lol thats like the facebook of myspace. Phonescoop should be taken in the back and shot.

66. unregistered

isn't facebook better than myspace?

74. unregistered

yes it is. i would know...

2. unregistered

Awesome. Fanboy fight coming soon. (Apple/AT&T Vs Blackberry/VZW)

57. unregistered

Too bad ATT doesn't have a "character" then we could send the VZW test man and the ATT guy on Jerry Springer haha

3. unregistered

as long as vzw markets the storm by marketing the phone like att does to all their phones it will be a success. it all starts with marketing. prime example is how att did the razr and iphone ads. im a huge apple fan but i have had vzw service since prime co and dont see myself changing. vzw markets too much of the network and too little of the device. people would run out and buy the iphone or razr even if it started on MetroPCS. The ads are cool and thats what sells. a normal consumer is not going to run out and buy the storm if they get a 2 second glimpse of it and the other 28 seconds of the test man with the network behind them. vzw has had some great phones that they could of had people running to them for but market it wrong, 8700, xv6900, dare, z6tv, all great phones with no ads and no catchy name. just my thoughts....

4. 8lias unregistered

When Verizon was still Airtouch, a corporate salesman told me "I am going to give you an advice that will always going to be true, it's always about the service and the network when it comes to mobile communication." Until this day, I still believe that he is right. There are people who wants a reliable network and service and those who wants more out of their hardware and software. iPhone, in my opinion is a fun toy with integrated communication ability. I see people play on their iPhone than communicate with their iPhone. The Storm seem like a nice phone (until a full review of course) and if it's a fun phone to use, perhaps, it is possible to have the best of both world, fun and reliable connection, goodluck RIM, there's a first for everything.

5. unregistered

Looks kind of chunky...hope it's slimmer in person

17. secondcor517

Posts: 94; Member since: Oct 06, 2008

it's .55 depth. go look at blackberrys website it shows how thin it is.

6. unregistered

why won't verizon add their vcast music with rhapsody, vcast video, and vcast mobile t.v. to smartphones and blackberry. WHY?

7. T-Money3000 unregistered

They are slowly adding more Get It Now programs to Smartphones. ie VZ Nav and VCast Music on Q9M/C

13. vzw fanboy unregistered

does it have mobile tv???

15. secondcor517

Posts: 94; Member since: Oct 06, 2008

look out soon for a new way to access those items on your smartphone.

23. unregistered

The reason they are not on smartphones is because they leave it up to the manufacturer to add them to the phones. As far as I know VZW does not change around a lot of the operating system on smartphones, thats why you don't see the Verizon UI on smartphones. The Blackberry 8830 and Pearl were not capable of VZ Nav at first but it was something they added in later, and when they came out with the upgraded version w/ traffic, weather, and gas prices the smartphones did not get it right away because the manufacturers had to add the program themselves. I read an article on phonescoop a month or two ago that they were going to add vcast video to the smartphones, but i still haven't heard anything else about that

31. unregistered

You can utilize Rhapsody on the device

35. T-Money3000 unregistered

No.... Sprint is doing a good job at that. They've got Sprint TV on their Pearl.

37. T-Money3000 unregistered

No.... Sprint is doing a good job at that. They've got Sprint TV on their Pearl.

38. T-Money3000 unregistered

Are you sure about that? Rhapsody can't even be used on all regular phones with the VZW UI.

52. unregistered

.....and the Curve, and the Mogul, and the Touch Diamond, and the Centro. Almost all of the Sprint smartphones support TV now.

76. unregistered

sprint's tv service is garbage compared to vzw's mobile tv. the resolution is terrible.

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